does anyone know an ethical and green cloud hosting service in europe (not UK) for a nextcloud (self)installation

@tasstra @switchingsocial How could it be green? What do you mean by this? No nuclear? Renewable energies transformed in electricity in a non-renewable way and with "rare" metals and concrete? Biofuels that use lands for machines instead of humans? Hydroelectricity that transforms landscape and also contributes to global warming due to building and reservoirs? Something else?

@tasstra @switchingsocial Could you install Yunohost on a Raspberry Pi and host it yourself?

@gendor Thanks for the tip but i'd rather not host at home

@tasstra @switchingsocial Fair enough, do you mind me asking why that is the case? You prefer to have off-site backups?


Not personally, but out of curiosity I -ed it & found this:

Good luck!

@tasstra Did you think about setting up a Raspberry Pi and hosting yourself? Then you can be 100% sure about the energy source and where the files are hosted. Been thinking about doing that.

@tapaniraja thanks for the tip but i'd rather not host at home

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