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I think we have to assume that a nervous system is an information processing system or a kind of computer. and that any information processing system over a random level of complexity is capable of hosting a mind.

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I tend to take it as red that we live in a simulation but the idea that we are in some kind of fish tank, like that we are the point of or important to the simulation we live in kinda absurd.

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TBQH I think Nintendo should just start selling the ROMs of their own games to the general public

Let everyone use it on whatever platform they prefer, or mess with the files to patch as they want

And this way they get around the issue with ROMsites violating their copyright (which is probably their and every game company's biggest worry over the intangible potential lost income)

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Odd but cute mechanical keyboard of the day.

there needs to be a common short hand for "I like you enough to not want to lie to you but also don't trust you enough to be completely honest"

Using the modern web doesn't feel empowering. It feels immensely frustrating.

The web is barely usable without ad-blocking. Pages take an age to load and the content jumps around as more ads download and display. Also the ads are spying on you.

The entire JS ecosystem is dependency hell and sometimes you have to download massive JS files just to view a web page. The JS is probably also spying on you.

Worse still, JS is also probably why the Back button doesn't work properly on so many sites.

The difference between the public and private sector is that in private employment, you can kind of ignore some work directives and they fade away as everyone forgets about them. In the public sector, I actually have to do everything people tell me to do and if I forget, it's not good.

Glitchy 3D game engine art, except it's not glitchy:

What happens when you procedurally generate a city map, render it in Unity using textureless flat colors per object type and then connect the live render to a Pix2Pix HD Neural network as the segmentation map input?

You get something out of a feverish dream on LSD:

Git source and documentation here:

I briefly saw a #solarpunk thing describing our planet as a really big spaceship, and I’m thinking about how great it is as a spaceship and how we need to keep it in good condition and make sure all the food and air and waste systems stay balanced and 😭🌱🌀 *cries in solarpunk*

Just got served this Twitter ad that is clearly fake

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