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I think we have to assume that a nervous system is an information processing system or a kind of computer. and that any information processing system over a random level of complexity is capable of hosting a mind.

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I tend to take it as red that we live in a simulation but the idea that we are in some kind of fish tank, like that we are the point of or important to the simulation we live in kinda absurd.

It bugs me how few people on my game developer course know anything about gaming history, I told a lecturer I would be making a clone of missile command and he just looked at my blankly. I had to bring up the Wikipedia article.

It's the again, and or trying to compete at the movies. What's the deal with those two? After this many years you would have thought they would just kiss already.

is pretty good, they missed a massive oppertunity by not making Milo yenothropants look alike the final boss.

Gotta admit awful people being insufferable is still really good advertising, want to check out the iron heart comic now. That and the art looks nice, not the weird sudo CG art, the one with AI iron man.

If they end up editing the sonic movie I'm starting a petition to make them re realise the original bad one

Social media does more to disrupt my train of thought then drugs ever have.

kid: when did you do your gcses?
me: focus on your exam.
kid: you didn't do any did you
me: we can talk about it after.
kid: haha you didnt do any gcses
me: please do your exam

A company just raised $1.6 million to sell extreme water called Liquid Death with the slogan "Murder your thirst." The founder of the company says it was inspired by the steaight-edge punk scene.

This is why parody is dead.

@tastytentacles the base game doesn't have much afaik, it's meant to be played with mods
I'm trying one called Voxel Garden and it's a pretty fun survival-y thingy

afaik it's written in C++ and LuaJiT, and the latter is used for all the modding

Scene: shady smoke filled Microsoft board room

Eldrich exec 1: we are losing market share to

Eldrich exec 2: there is a simple solution, we will package our expensive boon dogleg of an operating system with a superior OS as an optional extra for power users.

Eldrich exce 1: yes excellent, that so neatly misses the point it will have to return us to 100% market share.


if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

Why don't I just unfollow the bitcoin tracker bot? What if my anxiety keeps going up and I don't know why?

Bitcoins value goes up directly in proportion to my anxiety level

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