Protect your contiguous blocks of time.

Firstly, my preference is to minimise meetings. Secondly, I schedule them in chunks off the back of breaks (e.g. Start of day, lunch, end of day). Thirdly, I’ve gotten better at scheduling them for the future rather than on the same day.

Today I had no scheduled meetings and I’ve been super productive. Feels great.

@brad @bernardeli Have either of you upgraded to Big Sur? How’s nix?


Yes! A huge congratulations to America for electing Biden and Harris! 👏

uspol - There goes the neighborhood 

When the neighbors really want you to move asap... 😂

All in all I managed to use my 2014 MBP for 6 years. I’ve been meaning to list it for months and I finally did it today. Feels great to keep my space tidy by gifting this to someone else.

We’re hiring an IT Support Specialist in Brisbane for a flexible start in December:

We’re screening blindly so your name will be anonymised and any mentions of gender, nationality, languages, and places will be redacted.

Happy to take any questions.

How many floors are being tidied because of Mario Kart Live?

Food, Cooking 

RecipeTin Eats has seriously become my favourite place to get cooking inspiration. It’s such a well built website too.

Mercury is a new Mastodon app for iPhones. You can follow at:

➡️ @mercury

It's available on the App Store, and the official site is at

It has some interesting features like being able to save hashtags, and apparently it is also particularly good for accessibility 👍

(Thank you to @weirdwriter for the recommendation!)

#Mercury #iPhone #iOS #Mastodon #App #Apps #Accessibility #A11y #Apple

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

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