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Last year we began splitting out the software we built at Five Good Friends into its own company called The Lookout Way. This week we launched the website:

An #introduction to pin.

Hi I'm Joshua Byrd. I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I work at ABC News Digital doing code and interactive storytelling. I play in a band called Velociraptor.

I'm married and have a kid called Vada. I'm into computers and animal rights.

Follow along if you wanna.

Booking flights to go to Canberra. This will be the first time I’ve flown in 3 years. How do I do this again?

Hi, I'm Silvia (she/her), a web designer and developer focused on usability, accessibility and information architecture.

An expert in HTML, CSS and designing using web standards since 2004, I make websites using Jekyll and WordPress.

Curator of the inspiration series Design, Digested. Photography is my life-long passion.


NextDNS looks like a “hosted” version of what Pi-hole does:

Mastonaut news: I’ve recently decided to make Mastonaut open-source. I no longer have the time and energy needed to maintain the app, and it has started to lag in features and functionality when compared to the Mastodon web client and other apps.

The app is now free at the App Store. If you have recently purchased the app at full price, please reach out to App Store support and request a refund. App developers can not process refunds at all, you must go through the App Store support.

Boss: your leave request broke the system
Me: uh sigh
Boss: why do you want to take the specific week off in 2038
Me: for this exact reason

Sometimes I wish I could “boost” or “react” to emails to give my support to the author without having to reach for reply all just to say “OK”.

I booked an outdoor picnic yesterday when it was raining for tomorrow. The forecast said the weather would be clearing up, and so far that’s continued to hold. I hope this works! 🤞

With the US considering abolishing changing time zones twice a year, Canada and Mexico will have to follow suit. Europe is collectively committed to it too, though progress there is stalled. If these two regions pull it off, there will be very few places in the world that persist with this silliness. Bring it on.

“Children's climate change case overturned on appeal as Federal Court dismisses government's 'duty of care'”

Awesome, I beat a couple of teenagers in court

It wasn’t just me.

The tailwind colour palette changed between V2 and V3 and that’s why my purple’s looked more pink than purple:

“If you were using utilities like bg-green-500, text-yellow-700, or border-purple-400, the rendered output will be different, as green by default now refers to the old extended green, whereas in v2, green actually meant emerald (see what I mean about this being confusing?)”

Our main app is running on Postgres 13 now! 😀

“We’re hiring a Product Success Specialist at The Lookout Way”

Help educate everyone about the how and why of upcoming releases. It's a blend of storytelling, technical writing, and the coordination of making new features generally available.

We publish the salary range in the job ad, guide you to write a cover letter that shows off your best self, thoroughly review your cover letter blindly, and gently welcome you to our remote team on a Thursday.

“Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation”

We got a bike rack for our car the other day. My wife was explaining to me how to put it together, but I asked if instead, I could start and she could give me instructions for each step because I learn by doing. This feels like a codification of that way of learning. Plus, you get versioning.

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