Thank you Victoria. I was kind of expecting the Federal Government to announce something like this, but VIC doing it first seems pretty smart.

Kids, toilet training, milestones 

We are change table free!

Our youngest is in undies during the day now so we’ve been able to recover half of our bathroom. Pretty happy!

I’m giving tailwind a serious go and it’s so liberating not having to come up with names.

Hey folks, the volunteer org I am a part of is doing a survey on perceptions of migraine. Would love to get as many responses as possible (you don't need to have migraine to do it).

Rails, CSRF protection 

I thought I found a neat way to link to POST and PATCH requests from emails.

1. Links go to /magic?method=POST&action=/path/to/action
2. /magic loads HTML page with form which is submitted via JS

This would let me contain all the messiness to one page, re-use my existing actions, and get CSRF protections.

It’s been working well, but there’s a handful of people who seem to consistently get an CSRF authenticity exceptions.

I’m stumped. Token is there. Is session reset?

I’ve been feeling pretty smug running my hobby rails app on a US$5/m VPS, but now it’s looking like I’ll need to go to the next plan. It’s a hobby so I’m motivated to be as cheap as I can.

Listening to music 

Playing my entire music library on random and Korn is playing. Hello teenage years.

Scheduling, big time zone differences 

Lining up work meetings between Brisbane (UTC+10) and London (UTC+0) is the worst.

Annoying thought about programming 

Ugh, I hate it when your domain word is the same as a reserved word.

Wow, this is a really polished Mastodon client for iOS. It feels very iOS-like, but true to Mastodon too. Surprised it’s free.

1.0.0 is live in the App Store!

Metatext is a free, open source Mastodon client for iOS. It remembers your home timeline position, has a searchable emoji picker, and many more great features.

I’m grateful for @davidherse making a Zap that randomly assigns 4 co-workers in Basecamp for a “water cooler” chat once a week. The bot gives us a window of time and we just use the comments to find the last mile. I prefer this flexibility over rigid calendars.


Minister says fear of changes to NDIS planning is because of misinformation, but then refuses to interview to give information?

I've been lucky enough to work at some pretty amazing places over the years. Now that I've been with Five Good Friends for almost a year I can say that I've never been more proud of where I work.

Last year we began splitting out the software we built at Five Good Friends into its own company called The Lookout Way. This week we launched the website:

Open to accepting iOS and/or Win32/C/C++ side work. 10-20 per week. Nights and weekends only.

Find out more about me at:

The number of “Deliver status notification” emails I got from my background job running on my VPS. Hmmmmmmmmmm, something is misconfigured.

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