I have this amazing talent of only getting phone calls when I'm already on the phone.

Yes! Paprika merges the quantities together.

Going to give Paprika a go. Hoping that I will just be able to tap the recipes I want for the week and that it will build me a sorted shopping list. paprikaapp.com

Productive morning.

Played with the kids, washing up done, bank accounts closed, energy companies yelled at, letters sent to body corporate.

Solar panels are coming 😀😀😀

We're about to move offices and all the Raspberry Pis will be wired, instead of WiFi. I'm really going to miss standing on top of desks and rebooting disconnected Pis.

A bot commits more code to our main application than I do.

Naming things is indeed hard. 54 comments later... we have a resolution!

Wondering why my Macbook was sounding like it was taking off. Forgot I was building new Rubies in a tab 🤪

Why does Dropbox reject files with 🔴🔶🔷 in it? I prefer to name alternate layouts as Red Circle or Yellow Diamond over #1 and #2.

GitHub has been going great since the Microsoft acquisition.

TIL Firefox Developer Edition can do full page screenshots. The extensions I've seen for Safari and Chrome have been pretty average.

(Safari is still my default browser, but I'll definitely use Firefox for screenshots)

Doing the numbers to see if solar energy makes sense. For our home, it's a pay back of 4.5-7 years. We plan to be here for at least another 8 years, so yes!

Off to Singapore and Hong Kong for a few days. First time to HK.

Daycare fucked up and closed for a week. As a sorry they waived fees and have a barista making coffee in the drop off car park. Good coffee almost makes it OK. They know their audience.

The 9 month old is (sort of) walking with a walker 😱.

Was hoping we'd have more time.

Whether you’re a candidate for office or helping elections run fairly, we want to offer you a completely free 1Password account to thank you for the essential work you do for society. You protect our rights, & I’ll make sure your data stays safe. blog.1password.com/introducing

It's been about a month since @bernardeli took out the manual step between deploying staging to production and it's been great. If you merge to master it automatically deploys to production provided the tests pass and staging is successful.

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