Ugh, iOS 13 deprecates LaunchImages and now I’m forced to use a Storyboard.

I draw so many things programatically and I can’t use those in a launch screen storyboard because launch screen storyboards don’t allow custom classes.

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Apple unveiled iOS 13 yesterday. You may have noticed that many applications required permission to use Bluetooth.

This permission is not related to your headphones or Bluetooth headset. It is actually used so that apps can track you....

More explanations by The Verge ⬇️

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The release of iOS 13 has led to a new data world record at the Internet Exchange DE-CIX in Frankfurt (Germany)

Traffic peaked at around 7.1 Terabits per second, which approximately corresponds to the simultaneous transmission of up to 1.633.000 HD videos

TIL it’s possible for iOS to bypass a VPN on a specific WiFi network.

I’m using this to automatically turn on my VPN when I leave home and turn it off when I get home.

Daily can now do calls with up to 50 participants on Safari AND Firefox. Previously this was only for Chrome.

Working with both the pre iOS 10 and post iOS 10 push notifications API is really challenging. They’re completely different.

Folks: are there good places on web, other accounts, or key bloggers to announce this instance? Looking for it to be seen by technologists and activists who care about #Openweb #Indieweb, #Fediverse and related tech... Let me know...

Being able to copy text from your Mac to your iPhone has gone to be one of the most useful aspects of continuous handoff.

That said, if I really gave a shit about posterity I wouldn’t have ever sold my original iPhone.

Brought my iPhone 5 to work to do some testing on iOS 9. It’s running iOS 7 currently and I kind of want to leave it as-is for posterity.

Why yes I do rely on size changes to build an adaptive layout

Good summary of changes needed for iOS 13.

Downloaded Xcode 11 GM Seed and compiled Antenna Mate.

Looks like you *have* to use a storyboard (or xib) now.

I guess I can just put my image in the storyboard and achieve the same thing?

DuckDuckGo pleasantly surprised me this morning when it switched to “dark mode”.

Siri doesn’t understand “The Unforgiven Two” but it does understand “The Unforgiven Eye Eye”

Voice is hard.

Turns out the work around is in the release notes for Xcode 10.2.1.

`sudo mkdir '/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Profiles/Runtimes/iOS 9.3.simruntime/Contents/Resources/RuntimeRoot/usr/lib/swift'

Ugh, is this really what I have to do to get an iOS 9 simulator in Xcode 10.3?

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