Crashing website 

Guess everyone else is trying to order their groceries online tonight too.

Trying a 27” display with 1080p. On one hand this is great for my eyes. On the other hand I can hardly fit anything on my screen.

Ohhhhh. I changed my wallpaper to something with a lot of red and it seems to be derived from that. Changing it back to something with more blues goes the other way. Interesting.

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I swear looking at dark mode on my display it has a red tinge to the greys. Is my colour calibration off?

This is a super neat little utility app for working with the iOS Simulator:

Listed my trusty Sapphire AMD HD 7970 graphics card. I bought it back in 2012 because it was a high end graphics card with mini display port so could plug it straight into my LED Cinema Display without any adapters.

Built Antenna Mate on Xcode 12 and no compiler warnings or errors. Easiest upgrade ever!

Why is Xcode 12 recommending I upgrade the minimum target of my iOS app to 12.0? Is that just a nudge, or is there actually a technical benefit to doing that?

@brad [nix-shell:~/Code/project]$ which ruby

What are some good/cheap Android devices to test on for developers?

Software is hard 

Apparently it’s because I’m CTRL-C’ing selenium tests.

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What to talk about in 1-on-1s:

A cute comic that my co-worker linked me to. It’s a lovely visualisation.

I now know a tonne about content security policies in Rails. AMA.

The security page for HEY is so plain and straight forward. I like it.

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