Made a shortcut to let the better half know when I’ll be home form work. This is awesome.

Zapier can do paths now! The number of zaps I've hacked to do branching.

Just read the copywriter’s first draft 😮

First time I’ve worked with a dedicated copywriter on a project before and it’s really paying off.

I’ve totally underrated it previously.

"When you would be free for an intro call?" AKA qualifying me as a lead.

If you're running iOS 12, grab 7.2 and let us know what you think of Password AutoFill!

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New council park with a flying fox opened up at the end of the street.

Suppose I should take the kids too.

Nice work Feedbin, private by default.

I also removed Google Analytics from a couple of my personal sites. It wasn’t actually that useful.

Kickstarter I forgot I backed 3 or 4 years ago has been shipped to my address. Fancy that.

ECG and falls detection in the new Watch is huge. If you have an elderly parent living independently, you can pay a few hundred dollars to know they will get help if they have a fall.

Walked out of a call with a vendor pretty excited. I want to share the news with everyone, but there's already a thread for that on Basecamp. That's the weirdness of a hybrid remote + office working culture.

"Are you able to assist with any of the list below, I am trying to reconcile the credit card for July 2018 and require Invoice/receipts" is a timely reminder of which companies don't support a distinct email addresses for billing purposes.

Massively underrated feature, but super helpful.

if (stars_are_aligned) { remove_unflagged_emails_from_flagged() }

This leaked source code from explains why unflagged emails never seem to disappear from Flagged.

When you're about 5 paragraphs deep and realise you can rewrite it in 1 paragraph.

25 hours of continuous video playback on an ARM based Lenova laptop. I would love to see this on a Mac.

Apple is actually in a great place to execute on this because their toolchain is truly awesome. For most 3rd party apps it will just be a matter of recompiling against a new Xcode.

Hi friends, if you know of anyone who is looking for a visual and UX/UI designer please let me know! I am seeking something preferably in-house and product-centred, remote-friendly but relocation is OK. —

The future of phone contact lists is everything sharing blacklists. Just like email.

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