"The intervening decade will be turbulent, destabilized both by technology disruptions that upend the foundations of the global
economy and by system shocks from pandemics, geopolitical conflict, natural disasters, financial crises, and social unrest
that could lead to dramatic tipping points for humanity including mass migrations and even war."


Great speech by ( prize for 2021) to the Italian parliament:

" Tackling is at odds with growth "

Le confinement aura démontré trois choses :

Un : notre économie s'effondre dès qu'elle cesse de vendre des trucs inutiles à des gens surendettés

Deux : il est parfaitement possible de réduire fortement la pollution

Trois : les personnes les moins payés du pays sont les plus essentielles à son fonctionnement

Finde es vor allem faszinierend, wie schnell Wechsel einer Social Media Plattform passieren können.
Macht mir bisschen Hoffnung, dass Facebook/WhatsApp sich nicht auf ihrer Nutzerbasis/Marktanteilen ausruhen können.

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is a new which:
• Is heavier than
• Is lighter than
• Will not replace either
• Strives for maximum infected to population ratio
• Has been taken very seriously

"#Facebook limita la mia autodeterminazione da uomo, i miei diritti digitali e la mia libertà, e quindi lo abbandonerò"
Speriamo che in tanti prendano in considerazione la possibilità di farlo.
Il post di @amreo

near future collapse 

«The ongoing rapid destruction of Arctic sea-ice is having profound effects on our overall climate system, and will soon likely reduce our ability to grow food. I chat on the latest science comparing our present day (contemporary) abrupt Arctic climate change to abrupt changes in past Arctic paleorecords captured in Greenland Ice Cores, namely rapid warming during the Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) Oscillations.» #collapse #climatechange paulbeckwith.net/2020/08/22/co


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