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Committee draft of JPEG XL spec can be found here: arxiv.org/abs/1908.03565 - feel free to reply or pm me any informal comments (there is also a formal ISO procedure to comment, there's an open ballot, but you have to be member of a national body of ISO for that).

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Ever wonder how that video you're about to put on your website will perform?

So did I, so I built a thing to test video playback.

docs: github.com/dougsillars/StreamO

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I'll be there too. Also will be offering one of my unique office tours to every attendee interested. twitter.com/NgNiederrhein/stat

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I decided to write an article for the BBC's Design & Engineering blog (@YourBBCDigital@twitter.com) about Chrome's new native lazy loading feature - medium.com/bbc-design-engineer

Thanks @addyosmani@twitter.com, @hdjirdeh@twitter.com, @mathias@twitter.com and the team for adding it to Chrome 76!

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Music discovery of the weekend for me was "Øjne": an Italian Screamo band with ambient sounds akin to "If These Trees Could Talk" combined with the harshness of "Defeater". A beautiful mixture!


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Learn the value of monitoring from multiple locations in new @trivago_tech@twitter.com post by @tbaldauf@twitter.com

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A long-deserved update to Request Map to celebrate 500,000 maps generated(!)

👍More stable
👍@patrickhulce@twitter.com's third-party db integrated
👍 slightly faster (improvements coming)
👍 easier display config

Huge ❤️ to @patmeenan@twitter.com for webpagetest.org


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New Web Performance API + Metric:

⚡ Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) ⚡

LCP helps you measure when the main content of a web page has loaded.

FCP + LCP now gives you a much more holistic view into how fast your sites actually load for real users! web.dev/largest-contentful-pai

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Welcome back to “Things Parents Never Thought They’d Say”! Today: “Take your foot out of the cream cheese”. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤦‍♂️

As promised, here's a article on our recent @trivago_tech@twitter.com experiences with the impact of TCP retries due to lossy networks: tech.trivago.com/2019/08/08/th

This thread is pure gold.

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Tell me about the weirdest bug you had that caused a datacenter outage, can be anywhere in the stack including human error

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Did you know WebPageTest allows you to inject a custom script into the page being tested?

Here’s how you can use it to explore whether the <link rel=preconnect Resource Hint will make a page faster


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"Sampler" is the neatest thing I've seen on the terminal in a while.

And Yes, @frvge@twitter.com & I built cURL realtime graphs in the terminal only a few weeks ago. Wish I had known about Sampler then:


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Your party has encountered a *rolls*
Cloud… Sales... Engineer...
Save vs Confusion or your hosting bill doubles.

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