In contrast to the sales-y tweets I do, I’d like to use Mastodon to talk about more personal matters. In this spirit: I think I’ve fallen out of love with the whole cascade of public speaking: traveling for work, hotels, conference venues etc. I’d rather be home with my family. Any time there’s a speaking opportunity now my head goes “Nope. Been there, done that.” I keep hearing Bilbo’s words: “I don’t think I shall be coming back. In fact, I mean not to.”


Somebody managed to build a client-side chat app without JS. How? Chunked-encoding, pseudo-selectors and background-images ( Shipit.

I have never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. I didn't expect Microsoft to be the first to do it, and do it so well..

All packed & ready for tomorrow‘s Metro Marathon in Düsseldorf and a bit nervous, too. 🏃🏻‍♂️🤸‍♀️

You might remember that a while ago I started tracking the input mode users chose to navigate our news site. I was hoping to make the case for keyboard friendly interfaces. Instead, what I got was this (this represents the last month):


🌠 Just updated our website w/ details about the meetup location for May 15th, e.g. that service animals are welcome and that will provide food & beverages throughout the day. Already got your ticket? Join us and ~30 more enthusiasts 👉


Native image and iframe lazy-loading is there 🎉. explains how it works and how to feature-detect it:

I love that First Meaningful Paint is now commonly expressed by its abbreviation “FMP” because it sounds like the comic-worldish sound “*fomp*” which indicates “something hitting a surface area” - as if those first pixels hitting a screen were making that sound. 😍

As your kids grow older, not asking “Why is this sticky?” becomes exponentially more important.

"Hobbits [...] liked books that were filled with things that they already knew and without contradictions.” Pre-Internet Filter-Bubble.

2 years after my first dabblings, I’m back to programming in Rust. The language got lots more complex, but luckily it retained its ability to work barebones, too.

We failed. It truly is the Chrome-only web: I now have to switch to Chrome for several crucial day-to-day tools because they fail to work in other browsers.

Atlassian's Jira has broken functionality and now I found some Github buttons that only fire events when in Blink. 🤯😢

SQIP, the SVG image placeholder generator (, is moving under new ownership:, already a core contributor, will take over future development.

Huge thanks to for keeping this popular piece of OSS alive & kickin'!  

I just learned about "duti" on Mac which finally solves one of my long-lasting pains on OSX: being able to set an app as default for a file type from the terminal! 🎉

Example to associate VSCode with PHP files:
duti -s .php all

Purism announces a new product, Pureboot, available in 2nd quarter for Laptops + Librem key users providing a unique security service and experience.

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In light of recent US events, it might be worth re-reading about SPQR & the Catiline conspiracy.

🎵“The Past is past

and keeps getting better“ 🎵

HTTP/3 explained,

A great book by @bagder about HTTP/3.

Of course, it is open source,

A must read :-). I highly recommend it. It's well-written and quick to apprehend.

Formats: Web, PDF, Mobi, and ePub. No paper.

#http3 #book

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