My new "serverful" architecture uses next-generation noChain databases to run advanced containerless apps.

Hanging around at the offices.

Finished 's half-marathon in exactly 2h (new PR). Very proud & Zen moment for me, especially after all that went wrong in preparation in the past 3 weeks.

Apparently, using Amazon Prime means that Amazon hides shipping costs and pockets them when ordering more than one item of the same product (see screenshot).

Quick win for everyone: don't use Amazon Prime when buying more than one item of the same product from external shops listed on Amazon.

Lesson for myself: stop using Amazon.

Still feeling the lingering effects of the stomach flu my daughter brought home for the 3rd consecutive year at the perfect date before , but by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky! I shall run this damn run anyway!

Wow, do I find it hard sometimes not to fling poo at each other. Kindness is extra difficult when being separated from another human being by Jira - which makes it even more important to succeed in showing some of it.

There were 2 Git branches of a site. Branch B had better but worse business KPIs. analysis showed much faster TTI for branch B.

This led to CPU & event profiling which proved that faster branch B was able to send more consistent log & error events that slower branch A did not get around to in the same time.

Conclusion: a faster site may perform worse for tracked log events (business KPIs) because its better enables more reliable logging.

Yay for the TTI metric!

async await async await
async await async await
async await async await
async await async await
oooweeeeeeooweeaaawim async await
In the browser, the mighty browser, the runtime sleeps tonight

Spent a wonderful weekend in northern England, meeting old friends, hiking along Hadrian's Wall and the ocean & enjoying good food. So relaxing!

Looks like engineering-wise we're going for a non-preemtive approach and letting our devs fail fast but thereby learn quickly with good feedback loops instead of fixing potential mistakes silently and magically in the background. Feels good to keep the culture of constant learning alive!

For a Goretex-based sarcophagus, this setup gave me a surprisingly good night's sleep.

First comfy nap in Bivy: ✅

This 4-season setup of bivy sack, insulation sheet, air mattress & down quilt comes in at only ~2kg, including compression bags & repair kit. So proud right now!

Our kitchen chairs, before & after Bref Power cleaning spray. This stuff should be included in the Geneva Conventions.

So the new iPhones are named "Excess" 🤑 and "X-Mas" 🎄. If I had hat, I'd take it off for a bow.

‘The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch’

“We cannot continue to use as much JavaScript as is now “normal” and expect the web to flourish.”

This week’s must read. The situation really is as bad as he says.

Go to the beach one & enjoy sand coming out of unlikely objects FOREVER.

RT Trunk Based Development oder doch lieber Feature Branches? hat mit mir über dieses kontroverse Thema gesprochen.


Amazing bivy sack ordered. A few overnight tests next & then off to my first multi-day Ultralight hike through a national park. ⛰🏕

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