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Dear tweeps, can you connect me with developers who are responsible for image decoding implementation in major web browsers?
I'd like to coordinate changes required to improve quality and performance of progressive JPEGs.

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Dear technology executives (especially CTOs):

Your presence in incident chat rooms or on A/V bridges *absolutely* influences the response to the incident. This influence is rarely positive and only increases as the incident unfolds.

Do with this information what you will. 🙂

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Monkey-patching document.write like a pro so that we force-transform synchronous 3rd party code into modern 2019ish async and lazy-loadable code. 🕺

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We searching for an experienced UX architect to help us to evolve our core product.

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Some very cool about fishing for the right host finally published in Behaviour! Was a pleasure doing this research. PR of @UniBonn@twitter.com, link to fill text inside:


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What happens when @WebEngDUS@twitter.com & @wwnrw@twitter.com join forces and it then escalates? Right, there we have the next conference!

So please join us Oct. 12th 2019 at the @Lifeattrivago@twitter.com Campus in Düsseldorf for a relaxed, non-profit community day with talks & workshops! localhost.engineering

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My peer @schafele@twitter.com and I played Rock–Paper–Scissors with 500 people in ~06:40 minutes to kick off a @trivago_tech@twitter.com tech conference. Here is a writeup on how we did it and the results: andygrunwald.com/blog/playing-

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Blog post on how Layer 3 issues impacted web performance at Trivago:

"we began testing this “first mile” of CDN to origin connection with MTR; discovered middleware routers in between CDN & origin server that showed 10-100% package loss"


by @tbaldauf@twitter.com

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Machine Learning and Bathtubs?

@crazy_lens@twitter.com combined both on his journey to improve user experience on trivago!
Read all about his mission to bring more visual context to our website by teaching computers the difference between saunas, gyms, and pools.

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Another thread of pure gold, this time full of image geeks. <3

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I'll be answering all your image related questions in a couple of weeks. If you have any, ask away!! twitter.com/ChromiumDev/status

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Gem from the Trivago team on their large-scale rollout of immutable asset caching for repeat browser sessions


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Following @fhemberger@twitter.com’s advise, I’ve disabled retweets and muted “RT @” + “ replied” on the bird site. So. Much. Nicer.

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Committee draft of JPEG XL spec can be found here: arxiv.org/abs/1908.03565 - feel free to reply or pm me any informal comments (there is also a formal ISO procedure to comment, there's an open ballot, but you have to be member of a national body of ISO for that).

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Ever wonder how that video you're about to put on your website will perform?

So did I, so I built a thing to test video playback.

docs: github.com/dougsillars/StreamO

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