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Seems like I'm going to give a talk about Kotlin and Kafka Streams on July, 4th. The WebEng DUS will take place on the trivago campus.


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In related news: according to internal communication in between tech assistants at the Apple Store, the new AirPods 2 headphones are a catastrophe. Loosing devices pairings, unreliable charging cases etc. leading to lots of replacements at the store every day. Good to know.

Brought my iPhone to the Apple store for a battery replacement. Shop assistant assures me replacement for my device is safe & easy.

A little later: my phone broke during replacement. Got a new one for the battery’s price, but won’t get all that restore+reconfigure time back. 😳

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Still trying to figure out if science can tell us how many DPRs is too many DPRs observablehq.com/@eeeps/visual. TL;DR at standard viewing distances, on reference-ish devices, most people can't “see” DPR 2x; literally nobody gets anything from DPR > 3x.

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Today, after four years I'm stepping down as @nodejs@twitter.com Website Working Group lead. It's been a great time working with so many dedicated people, seeing the site grow from a simple prototype to 2,500 commits by over 400 contributors. You are an amazing community, thank you! 🥰

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Highly interesting qualitative research by Wikipedia on which metrics actually correlate with real users’ perceived perception of site speed.

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Which RUM metrics correlate the best to user-reported page load performance on @Wikipedia@twitter.com ? domInteractive and First(Contenful)Paint. But they actually don't correlate very much. Details here: phabricator.wikimedia.org/pham

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"Performance perception: correlation to RUM metrics" by Gilles Dubuc phabricator.wikimedia.org/pham

Wikipedia did a large-scale study of perceived performance, and found that none of the existing web APIs had a strong correlation with how fast or slow users thought the page was. Yikes.

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Today our campus turns one! In the past 365 days we have:
☕ Served 29.030 coffees at our Barista Bar
🗣️ Held 65.913 meetings
🧠 Ran 204 trainings and workshops
🏃‍♀️ Sweated it out in 632 sports classes

Heres to the next 12 months!

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I spent hours finding a reliable, privacy-focussed email provider, setting up my domains, filters, 2FA, GPG keys, DKIM + DMARC entries etc. and was sorely tempted several times along the way to just stay with Google out of frustration.

Convenience wins.

Learn what we at @trivago_tech@twitter.com discovered about image sharpening, situational synchronous image loading, the optimal image gallery experience and more:

Here's the full video of my talk on images, and cognitive load from @DevDaysEurope@twitter.com 2019: youtube.com/watch?v=OwiKuX5l9V

After what feels like a decade, I've made a thing in : here's a "No Flights" sign and banner for the German @FlightFree2020@twitter.com campaign: codepen.io/anon/pen/xNomay /cc @jmulfiw@twitter.com

So, Twitter blocking JSFiddle is now a thing:

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What you really need sometimes is a full rainbow: bit.ly/2Wu7n91

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I’m not a fan of tropical climates supersizing the local insect population: so far, I've fought Shelob The Giant Spider (and lost!) as well as a Monstrous Cockroach From Hell (and won... if cleaning the bathroom in the middle of the night counts as winning). 🕷🐞🦖 🙈

What a shitshow native apps on Mobile are! I wanted to look into two things while on holiday without a laptop. Now I cannot do one because the Git client on Mobile cannot handle submodules and I cannot do the other because the password manager on Mobile cannot show versions of an encryption key I would need. Thousands of Euros worth of Mobile devices and I’m yearning for my 6-year old, 4kg-heavy laptop that actually gets anything done.

En dépit d'un climat de sanction anti-Macron et une montée incroyable des nationalistes en Europe, le FN fait moins qu'en 2014, et pas mal de petites listes font des scores inespérés. Sans que le résultat ne m'enchante pour autant, je suis agréablement surpris. #Europeennes2019


First trail run of this year’s visit to Madeira: just shy of a half marathon with ~850m of elevation. Loved every bit of it!

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