This looks pretty cool for doing presentations, much better than just opening PDFs in Evince

I discovered it today, but turns out it's been around for a while, and it's even available in the Debian repos.

One reason why it's not very well known might be the lack of an app window / desktop file, you have to open files with it from Nautilus.

@tbernard I've been using this for a while to show slides in my classes.

@tbernard OH MY GOD, this might just be the program I was searching for months! PDF presentation viewer with presentation mode and video support!

@bugaevc @tbernard Welp, to be fair I tried all the standard viewers (evince, okular, adobe reader for linux and for windows)

@tbernard thanks for posting it. I remember that I used it many years ago, then forgot about it when I moved to LibreOffice to a large extend. Great to see that it is still around. 🙂

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