I wonder what the overlap between various groups of GNOME haters is (e.g. CSD haters, Outreachy/diversity haters, "customization" enthusiasts, icons-on-the-desktop people, etc.)

It does feel like there is significant overlap based on where a lot of these people congregate, and the tactics they employ.

Come to think of it, the situation also mirrors some recent political trends: A group of mostly white men vehemently opposed to change, especially when it's designed to broaden the franchise? Extreme entitlement, and violent rhetoric when they feel like their privilege is being threatened? Hmmmmm...

I suppose what I'm wondering is, how many GNOME haters are also Trump supporters? :P

@tbernard I wonder how many of those are also privileged white dudes.

Also how many of those are actively gatkeeping others to feel powerful and spew vile hatred and toxicity to "establish" their dominance.

@alatiera Right, that's exactly where I was going with this :D

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