Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).

@gudenau @tbernard what do you mean? Designing apps depends entirely on the tooling you choose.

If you're talking about building apps, Java can be used do write GTK apps, by the bindings aren't really maintained and I can't think of a Java app for GNOME.

@brainblasted @tbernard Well Android uses a Java like language, was wondering about this. Guessing it is C(++) then?

@gudenau @brainblasted You can write GNOME apps in lots of languages, including C, Python, Javascript, Rust, and others.

@gudenau @brainblasted @tbernard as far as I followed it the Librem 5 is (non Android) fully Linux based with an up to date Kernel etc.

@masterofthetiger Definitely not, you can develop apps right now using the same tools you'd use to make a desktop GNOME app (such as GNOME Builder, flatpak, etc.).

Excellent post, and not just because of the GNOME/Librem context.

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