Honesty, if Ubuntu ships Eoan with GNOME Software 3.30 again, I'm going back to Debian.

*Realises everything in Sid is still at 3.30*

Uuuuh maybe Endless? What about Arch?

@mjog Honestly, it's all bad. Fedora is the least bad in this respect, but has a lot of weird shit too (logo extension, that horrible installer, etc.)

@tbernard *emoji for dumpster fire*

A minimal bootable image based on the FDO runtime is starting to sound really good right now...

@mjog @tbernard /me remembers [1] is a thing and that somewhere we have a gnome vm.

But there's so much left to be done and blocking this :/

[1]: mastodon.social/@alatiera/1018

@alatiera A blog post summarizing the current state and letting people know how they can help could be nice.

I bet a lot of people in the GNOME community don't even know about this.

@tbernard That statement is true for soooo many things :D. We kinda need a person working on blogposts / status updates full time across the whole project.

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