As a designer using libre tools it's really frustrating that we have nothing good to make animated UI prototypes (outside of manually doing it in web tech, but that's a bad workflow for something so visual).

If anyone's interested in building a libre version of (or something similar) hit me up :)

@tbernard is that something that @akiraux could handle (in the future I mean) ? 🙂

@Lapineige Perhaps, but I don't think that's their focus. It's already hard enough to make a vector editor :)

I think an MVP for this doesn't need an integrated drawing tool, it could just use pre-baked PNG layers exported from another app.

The crucial bit we're currently missing is a GUI for quickly iterating on animation timing/parameters.

@tbernard I was kind of asking about their focus in fact 😄

Thanks for the explanations :)

I feel your pain, that's why we're building Akira.
A prototype section is not part of the plan for v1, but is definitely part of the complete vision.
Our hope is that, after the first release, enough professional designers and developers will notice Akira and understand the benefits of FOSS Sketch-like app and increase the code contributions.
Very simple animations between artboards, and a GIF exporter shouldn't be too hard 😅

QML is a language to do stuff very visually, it is based on Javascript. You can export multilayer gimp file into one qml and with few modifications, you can add transition etc.. .modifications can be done directly into the code or there are few designer software to do things visually: qml studio or qt creator.
I think this world (qml/Qt) could be very helpful. But the cost to learn it may be too big idk

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