If someone's looking for an app idea, I would love a nice GTK Mumble client. The audio quality is really nice, especially for calls with a lot of participants, but the UI of the Qt app is terrible.

@tbernard Has been on my mind for a while now. Maybe one day.
Should probably finish my work on Metaolm first though 😂
@tbernard Stalled largely due to Uni work, but I'm currently working on getting the C-API up so non-Rust clients can use it. Then I can finally work on actual client integration and debugging. AFAIK Fractal still isn't ready when it comes to persistent storage.

@jhaye Yeah, the Fractal side still needs a lot of work since Julian never got around to executing his master plan for that :/

oh no all of the mumble libraries (in languages sensible for writing desktop programs with GTK) I can find have some lacking things for a full client

gumble appears to lack the least amount of things, but available GTK go bindings are mediocre at best and there's none for libhandy afaics

@appadeia Hmm, that's too bad.

Anyway, in case you do end up making this app, I'd be happy to help with design :)

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