The other day I released a new version of Nostalgia, including a wallpaper from the future! ✨

If you want to get @jimmac's awesome GNOME 3.36 wallpaper a month or so in advance, get Nostalgia from Flathub:

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Thanks to @exalm the app also supports dynamic wallpapers which change throughout the day now.

All GNOME default wallpapers have done since 3.4, but until recently Nostalgia only used the "day" variant for each.

This means you get 3 times as many wallpapers now :)

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@tbernard oh my god, the dynamic wallpapers work, this makes it a must install app. Its fucking awesome.

@PlutoisAPlanet @tbernard @jimmac does dynamic wallpapers work automatically on Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome 3.28.2?

@lapor Yeah, it should work on any GNOME version since 2012 or so.

But also, you should really update ;)

@tbernard hehe, yes. But as it's computer for work, I'd rater wait for Ubuntu 20.04. But can hardly wait :)

Yeah, and thanks for the app!

@tbernard ps. is it possible to use it (dynamic wallpaper) on a locked screen aswell?

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