Bold prediction: The Snap store will be a Flatpak remote by the next Ubuntu LTS.

@tbernard Whishful thinking. Snap is more popular than Flatpak. Flatpak is considered to be a Fedora-thing. Developers chose to rather release an AppImage image than a Flatpak. That's just my experience.

@desikn Whatever Fedora picks tends to win in the long run :)

In my experience nobody but Canonical employees cares about Snap, while everyone else is standardizing on Flatpak (Fedora, Endless, elementary, Purism etc).

@desikn @tbernard Anyone who thinks its Fedora thing is misguided. It is its own thing, and everyone is using Flathub which is independent over the Fedora Flatpak repos.

GNOME and KDE are both publishing on Flathub and basing on the freedesktop-sdk.

Nobody is using anything fedora based.

@tbernard fingers crossed.
First thing to do on ubuntu install: apt purge snapd.

@jb @tbernard
now that Canonical ended the Amazon shopping/spying app installed by default, the only thing that makes me not want to use ubuntu is Canonical trying to force snap down our throats

@tbernard not sure if I want either, first thing I do on a fresh Ubuntu install now is replace all snaps. They start so slow compared to a native app, does Flatpak have the same problem?

@Siilwyn Nope, that's a Snap thing AFAIK.

Flatpaks start/run the same as non-sandboxed apps in my experience.

@tbernard Yup, same as happened with Unity, Mir, upstart etc etc. I wouldn't even be surprised if they keep snap cli, but make it a wrapper around flatpak.

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