Looks like Signal is moving towards having a login/password, and not requiring phone numbers anymore?


Here's hoping this means there's finally going to be decent multi-device support.


> Because Signal doesn’t have access to your keys [...] your PIN isn’t recoverable if you forget it, so our apps help you remember your PIN with periodic reminders. Don’t worry, these reminders get less frequent over time.

Sounds like an interesting approach, very curious to see how these reminders work in practice.

If it does work it'd be cool to try it in other places where forgetting passwords means losing data (e.g. encrypted disks).

@tbernard You get the first few on a daily basis, then a couple times a week, then once a week.

Basically, when you open the app, it displays a "pop up" to ask your PIN. If you get it right each time it becomes less frequent. If you're making mistakes they keep prompting you on a daily basis.

I can take a screenshot next time it shows up on my iPhone :)

@tbernard The main problem I have with it: It blocks your screen and you can't disable it, even when you know it's impossible for you to forget the PIN as you have it stored in your password manager…

I consider those rather annoying when there is no way to disable them.

Indeed the inability to opt-out of the pin or pin reminders is a notable complaint I've heard from people I've asked to install the app.

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