The number of insanely cool things happening in GNOME/GTK land right now is ridiculous

The new libhandy widgets in the pipeline alone are incredible, but there's also apps going adaptive left and right, GTK4 opening the door to a whole world of new animations, and some very exciting stuff on the shell side

2021 is going to be an amazing year for GNOME ✨


The current stuff is always shitty, fiddly, not nice, buggy, unstable, and so on. Like a big bundle of dirty hacks.

But you constantly hear voices that the next step is a really big thing and everything is going to be great.

... that was true for my last ~20 KDE years, and it's probably equally true for Gnome. :-P

@tbernard ... but I'm a bit excited anyways, admittedly, because I'm going to give libhandy a try for some of my UIs in the next year.

I just recently began using Gtk for that, and was a bit disappointed from the very classic, old-fashioned look and feel it had.

@tbernard Oh yes it will 🚀

There are new contributors every day, the most experienced ones are making it always easier for newcomers to make incredible apps, we're working on making the onboarding experience smoother: there is A LOT happening and it's not about to stop!

@tbernard I ♥ that apps can start using GTK 4 _now_ and not have to wait for a distro to ship GTK 4.

Thanks, Flatpak & Flathub!

@garrett @tbernard Flathub solved my problem of how to get Zoom to my users in an easy to update way (sad that we have to use Zoom, damn you pandemic). The sandboxing makes it way preferable than downloading a package from their website too!

@garrett @tbernard not here, it seems the packaged Mesa is version 20.1, and I have a Radeon that needs 20.2

seems like not even Flatpak can save us all :blobcatderpy:

@tbernard though libhandy widgets tend to sit in the review queue for months... It would really benefit from having another reviewer.

@tbernard My biggest question regarding GTK4 is its GLES support, it currently does not perform nicely on mobile devices with OpenGL and GLES rendering at all, and just comparably to GTK3 in CPU rendering. Are there some goals or is there some active work in improving that?

@Alexmitter @tbernard Yes, we definitely want to improve our GLES use. For the release we've been concentrating on desktop GL, because that's where our users are; but now that 4.0 is out the door, we can look at improving the performance on GLES—also because we use ANGLE on Windows, which is basically GLES on DirectX.

@ebassi @tbernard That is great news. I wonder why not use OpenGL on Windows too, I am not aware of any windows device without opengl drivers.

@Alexmitter @tbernard The OpenGL drivers on Windows are *atrocious*. They are buggy and tend to crash a lot, like the Intel ones. As for discrete GPUs, it's just not a priority for vendors, so you get either old versions of GL, or you get pretty crappy drivers. People using GL end up adopting ANGLE, but the truth is that very few people use GL on Windows.

@ebassi @tbernard What GLES version will be focused on? Mali 400 with the Lima Driver only supports GLES 2.0 and that is used in the currently most popular mobile linux device.

@Alexmitter @tbernard GLES 2 and 3 are going to be the focus; no particular driver, because we really only target what Mesa supports on Linux. If it's a closed source driver, people using it can send us patches. 😉

@ebassi @tbernard Lima is a mainline kernel driver using mesa, but it simply does not support any higher GLES version. But as you say that GLES2 will be in focus, that answers my question.

@tbernard Most exciting things off the top of my head in the GNOME land:

- Super simple "one click to build and run" development process with flatpak and builder
- Flatpak & Flathub
- GTK4
- libadwaita (GNOME HIG lib for GTK4)
- Everything Rust
- GNOME Circle
- That one big upcoming change
- That one upcoming non-profit

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