Adaptive preferences window in Files by @KekunPlazas looking fresh 🤩

@tbernard @KekunPlazas

Wouldn't it be more reasoned if the header labels were inside the resp. box, or at least visually more connected to that box?

@drq @tbernard @KekunPlazas dev builds for GTK apps usually have gears to show they are, in fact, dev builds

@drq @tbernard @KekunPlazas it’s the .devel style class on the window. Apps built with a development profile use this.

@tbernard @KekunPlazas How is it going with getting nautilus working right on phone-like devices in general?

@Alexmitter It's a complex app, so I suspect it's going to take a while before it's 100% adaptive, but AFAIK there's been a good amount of progress by @brainblasted and @KekunPlazas lately, and most of the primary navigation stuff more or less works.

It may look like it’s “just” a preferences window, but it means a lot is happening in the GNOME ecosystem.

It means Nautlius, a 20 years old application, is moving towards adaptiveness. There are tons of work happening behind the scenes.

Thanks a lot @tbernard and @KekunPlazas for being part of those who make it happen!

@tbernard @KekunPlazas very nice :) having a real full featured file manager on mobile phones is going to be great. I can just add network shares on my phone like I do on my home and work pc. Awesome stuff

@tbernard @KekunPlazas oh damn, you *can* get tree view in nautilus! :) I thought it wasn't possible 🤦

That, and lack of dual-pane, were the reasons I switched to nemo.


@tbernard @KekunPlazas I can't wait to have this on my #librem5, but I cannot call "files" to #nautilus ;)

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