Looks like XFCE redid their icons based on our most recent GNOME icon style :P

A bit of pedantry:
- Ideally all icons should cover a similar area, but since all base shapes have the same height here, the square icons are way too big
- A number of icons that really need some gradients/3D don't have any (e.g. the coffee cup in the preview icon)
- Some icons have Tango-ish 1px lines and gloss, which feel out of place (e.g. the x and gear emblems in the top left)

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For reference, some background material on the GNOME icon style:

Icon design tutorial, which explains in detail how to produce the style

My LGM talk, including a demo of how to draw icons in Inkscape

@tbernard looking at the positive side they are much better than previous version

@tbernard and I am happy to see that Xfce is following the GNOME design lead. I think there can be a place for them as an extremely lightweight alternative to GNOME. Maybe I am too optimistic just beacuse it was one of the DE I enjoyed more in the past

@tbernard Hi i'm one of the authors of the new icons. Thanks for the feedback and maybe we can talk/collaborate a bit more on how to improve the set if you wish :D

@m4u9 Happy to! Join us on gnome-design on Matrix/IRC maybe?

My main suggestions would be to stick to the more balanced base shapes we use upstream, and use shading more consistently across icons.

For example, the battery and displays are shaded like 3D objects, but the simple square icons don't have any shading at all. Upstream we use the shiny "chin" on icons like that to keep them grounded in the physical metaphor (but also, we try to have unique shapes wherever possible).

@tbernard As an average folk I don't see any issues. Looks good to me

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