New tabs are in Epiphany master πŸŽ‰

Huge kudos to @exalm for making it happen!

If you haven't used Epiphany in a while I encourage you to check it out once 40 hits.

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Of course, even if you don't use Epiphany you can get hyped about other GNOME apps (e.g. Files, Text Editor, etc.) getting the new tabs in the future :)

@tbernard now we just to port it to GTK4 and also have proper mobile tabs. :)

@tbernard Nothing against the Devs as always nice work but I developed a bit of a distance to WebkitGTK. It's currently holding back the potential of all Gnome apps which require web technology on the Pinephone and that's really sad :/

@gamey @tbernard That's mostly due to musl's stack size constraints though. Someone would have to put some work into webkit2gtk for it to set the proper stack size on new threads instead of just assuming that everything has multiple MB of stack space by default

@gamey @tbernard How is webkitgtk holding it back... Your shell is CPU composited... WebkitGTK is properly hw accelerated if you use the GNOME Runtime or a non-broken distro...

@alatiera It has never supported even CPU based hw acceleration on the Pinephone. In short that means everything using it is really slow and only somewhat usable when you disable JS :/ Again I am aware that I can't fault the Devs here but it still frustrates quite a bit as a Pinephone owner.

@tbernard @exalm is it? That's awesome, finally time to move on from that branch-CI-flatpak!

@tbernard @exalm I love #epiphany I just wish it didn't throttle my AMD VEGA 64 GPU fans and temps to MAX. Still, great to see progress -- it's in my top fav simple browsers along side #qutebrowser which has its appeal too Gnome 40 is sure gonna be interesting.

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