Rounded bottom corners and the redesigned preferences dialog just landed in Nautilus 🎉

Thanks to @KekunPlazas and António Fernandes for making it happen!

@tbernard @KekunPlazas looks like Gnome 40 is going to be another great release!

@tbernard @KekunPlazas

I'd never thought that 2 rounded corners would impact the overall design that much. Wow.

@tbernard This looks really good. Kinda makes the icons stand out (in a bad way) though. That folder icon doesn't look as modern as the rest of the UI.

@tbernard @KekunPlazas I have an uneducated question: Do rounded corners in UI etc. consume more resources?

@Lahzy @tbernard @KekunPlazas rounding is always slower than not rounding, but not by much in this case. It can be noticeably slower if thre's OpenGL content though, but not here.

@Lahzy @tbernard @KekunPlazas need to offscreen it and re-blit with cairo. Not much I can do here, fixing that would requre changes on GDK side.

In GTK4 it's fine though.

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