New tutorial: Drawing GNOME app mockups in Inkscape!

If you've ever wondered how to get started drawing app mockups like we do on the design team, this is for you :)

@tbernard Nice one! I think that for the last step, when resizing the document, it might be easier to do the "Resize page to drawing", and define margins, instead of an arbitrary width x height numbers.

@minkiu Well no, that would break the pixel grid because it would move the origin

@tbernard oh I see, I wasn't aware of the grid and though this more of an "export" and be done.

Also then, the short cut "Ctrl+Shift+R" shouldn't be mentioned, cause it will suffer of the same drawback.

Hmm I guess the closest best (in my opinion) would be to do Export drawing and subtract 150px from the Xs and add 150px to the Ys (I eye balled the 150px).

@minkiu That's a good point, I added a note about only using Ctrl+Shift+R with sizing rectangles and the like.

@tbernard > In order to accommodate multiple pieces of content inline as part of the same label, a common pattern is to use middle dots (“·”) as dividers. Pro tip: The Characters app makes it easy to find typographic symbols like this one to use in mockups.

Why not the Typography app? 🤔

@nahuelwexd Thanks, good point! I forgot that we finally published that 😅

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