@tbernard it looks quite outdated. Which year was that?

@jimmac @tbernard @ebassi I mean, that's not too different from the current ones. Just more opaque.

@tbernard I liked that transparent black shell. In some places I still think it worked better than what we have now (e.g. dash and workspace bar in 3.38, or the white underline on panel buttons instead of 3.38 blue). Also, no blurry borders on popovers. And the rounded search bar, but we have that once again now. :)

@tbernard oh, also running app icon highlights that were actualy visible compared to 3.38 tiny blue dots.

@exalm Yeah, agreed. It was a bit glossy, but not even that much for the time :P

The one thing I didn't love were the very prominent white borders, but other than that I think it holds up better than the opaque gray iteration that came after it.

@exalm @tbernard Early GNOME was really in your face, compared to the muted tones of recent releases.

@ebassi @tbernard that's true. Though in 3.38 IMO it's muted to the point it's hard to see in a lot of cases. It's a lot better in 40 though.

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