@tbernard They use Ubuntu because the design of Ubuntu is much better than GNOME. It's a big difference, the cops use a desktop that is actually useful, rather than the crap.

@tbernard Wow! That's nice to see that my country is using open-source software

So finally we are here, @tbernard, where an Ubuntu release announcement is filled with news about proprietary software.

@tbernard You’re very late on this one. Gendarmerie nationale has been well known to use, promote and contribute to free software, including Ubuntu and LibreOffice, since at least 2008. And that’s a good thing.

@tbernard Amongst other things, it has had a positive impact on the rest of the French institutions which could see the success story.

@afranke @tbernard today o found out the Dutch army also uses Ubuntu on a lot of their computers. I was actually pleasantly surprised that apparently Linux is being used at scale here. I wonder if they contribute to it in any way though.

@tbernard You mean cops are relying on our code? I am not sure what’s funnier.

@alatiera @tbernard Well ackchyually it's the army's variant of the cops. Because why only have a single police force when you can have two?

@KekunPlazas @alatiera @tbernard not gonna lie I don't much like the idea of centralised police

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