I regret to inform you that UI freeze for GNOME 43 is in, like, ONE MONTH 😬😬😬

August 6, to be precise. If there's anything you still want to get into 43, now's the time to get it done and start poking reviewers ;)

@tbernard Is it me or it's earlier than it used to be? Around two weeks sooner.

@gabmus I mean you need freezes for QA and translations at some point, no way around that

@tbernard yeah I was just messing around back there, hence theme meme emoji

@tbernard Oh no! That means .alpha packaging work for Arch starts soon for me again. #help :blobcatcomfy:

@tbernard What news are actually planned for 43? For 42, various articles were published on various server almost every day, but I haven't come across anything about 43 yet.

@tbernard does somebody know if gnome builder will land its gtk4 port for this release?

@tbernard Can you work with Christian Schaller of Redhat so that Lucas, the new accessibility person, has a chance to give his feedback? I know they probably can't get *much*, but any little thing helps. :)

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