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The Big Mammoth

MastoPurge v1.0.0. released!

MastoPurge removes outdated posts from your Mastodon account!

#mastodon #mastopurge

public money, public code? hell yes!

sign the petition today!

Not to discount the value of an open, decentralized network -- that's really really important -- but I think one underappreciated positive feature of Mastodon is its open API, which allows anyone to write Mastodon apps.

I began losing interest FAST when Birdsite stopped allowing third-party clients to access all its features (eg polls). That won't be a problem with Mastodon.

Today I found out that my notebook disconnects the wlan after 10 seconds if the bluetooth speaker is connected. I had to get a ethernet cable to stream music. I was able to listen to music instead spending the afternoon fixing the problem. I'm a experienced user. ;-)

I have been looking for a tablet or a 2-in-1 that can run Linux and have at least the touch input and WiFi functional.

Sadly, none of the usual suspects (Dell, Lenovo, Acer) have anyting. I am not even talking about preinstalled Linux, just hardware that is supported.

Not even older models with outdated hardware. Nothing.

I refuse to signup for services that require a phone number. What if I don't have resources to have a phone, or I don't want to mix my real life with my online life?

I've been blocked from the birdsite even without writing a post, and I can't remove my account without having a phone. That sucks.

Project R released the source for their platform:

If you plan a big thing, it may be helpful!

This seems like an apt time to remind folks, print is not dead

And, unlike digital media which can be censored on a whim by an ISP or your typical walled garden, it is still considered protected speech (at least on the surface in the U.S.)

Zines are still a thing and people are making everything from comics to manuals, to a myriad of content that's for sale or given away from their homes or public spaces (the few that remain)

Don't be afraid to print your own. Speak, while you still can

@Gargron @noelle

HEADLINE NEWS: Gurrgromalia, pestered with absurd feature requests, has retired from the Internet to chase Smurfs full time

Nichts zu bef├╝rchten? Unzul├Ąssige Eintr├Ąge in den Polizei-Datenbanken
Mal kurze Frage: Macht hier jemand noch analoge Fotografie?

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And if you want to support your local instance get in touch with your admin to see what they need!

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No, absolutely no, the golden age is not passed.

Umfrage war zu wenig anonym: Datensch├╝tzer r├╝ffelt K├╝snachter Gemeinderat -