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The Big Mammoth

Wie smart können und sollen Städte sein? Ein kluger Beitrag von Felix Simon in der NZZ zu Alphabets Plänen in Toronto einen Stadtteil zu bauen.

O-Ton Google: «was für tolle Dinge man tun könnte, wen uns nur jemand eine Stadt gäbe und uns einfach machen liesse». Städte gehören in Demokratien nicht jemandem.

@maloki they jumped on the recent patreon hallabalou

fast-moving folks, those guys ^^

Comodo has created two browsers that nobody uses only to get more votes in the CA/B forum:

Ough. So, let’s put on the invisible gloves to show the force of the invisible hand (a the smith said).

Hello, @Liberapay !

I made a public #Patreon post which explains the changes in a way that is not super confusing (with help from Twitter)

Also it sucks, is a terrible decision by Patreon, and as a Creator I wish I could opt out of them. What alternatives are there?

Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post:

#Comcast's #netneutrality promise 2014 until April 26, 2017 vs Comcast's net neutrality promise since April 27, 2017.

CVE number is out for #iamroot: CVE-2017-13872

macOS Security Update 2017-001
Impact: An attacker may be able to bypass administrator authentication without supplying the administrator’s password

Supporting means not having a contract that allows free traffic to . Even if it is cheaper. Consumer democracy or luxury?

Ein für die Schweizer . Eigentlich Selbstverständlichkeiten, die leider oft vergessen gehen.

Any recommendations for a CalDav and CardDav server?

Is there any server with encryption so I (the admin) cannot read the user's calendars/addresscards…

Für Spaß habe ich 00 49 221 222900 gewählt (wie Armin auf dem alte Maus-film über dem Internet hatte getan in 1999).

Bald habe ich den 2100-Hz Antwortton (des altes analoges "Dampf-Modem") gehört!

Leider habe ich keinen Benutzername oder Kennwort für Netcologne (aber habe ich doch irgendwo mindestens einen Laptop mit integriertes 56k Modem)

#opatech #derseniorenhackt

Is anyone here good at UI & CSS? I'd like to create a custom theme for our .ART web frontend & will pay you for your time. I want a bit more than just switching colors & will make a git repository to maintain the small changes. Please DM me. #art #ux

Is RSS still a thing or have I set up TinyTinyRSS in vain?

Ok fediverse, I need some feedback/opinions on is this a solid solution for cryptography exchange? I've had a profile for going on 3 years now and have yet to use it for -anything- at all but PGP is becoming an integral part of my workflow.

Should I rebase and start using my keybase presence for all this or am I better off doing a self-distributed "untrusted" key?

I don't have anything to tell the world.