Do you know when global population *growth rate* peaked? "The answer may surprise you" (Forward to all your Matlhusian edge-buddies)


Jetzt startet der Winterkongress der!🥳

Um 20:15 steht das erste Highlight auf dem Programm: Ein Vortrag von, und über den #CryptoLeaks-Skandal. #Omnisec #Infoguard #CryptoAG


The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML

I've told this story at conferences - but due to the general situation I thought I'd retell it here.

A few years ago I was doing policy research in a housing benefits office in London. They are singularly unlovely places. The walls are brightened up with posters offering helpful services for people fleeing domestic violen


📢 🆕 Minor releases 20.0.5, 19.0.7 and 18.0.13 are out! This release marks the end of public support for #Nextcloud 18.

🔒 Upgrade!

ℹ️ Read our announcement to find out more important details 🤓

Heute werden gegen diese unsägliche #Gefährdergesetz insgesamt weit über 100'000 Unterschriften eingereicht! 🥳

"Fussfesseln, Rayonverboten und Ausreisesperren für Kinder ab zwölf Jahren bis hin zu Hausarrest für Jugendliche ab fünfzehn." #PMTnein #parlCH

How much are the blocked ads worth? I’d like to donate to pi-hole.

Finally got my DNS-Over-Tor resolver working and stable. With DNS-Over-Https as backup. Combined with #PiHole, its one heck of a #DNS server :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

The benefit? Not even #Cloudflare knows whos performing the queries.

If anyone else is interested, I made it into a #docker container for convenience. Im also here to help :)

#tor #raspberrypi #privacy #anonymous

tech tip. Some smart devices hard code settings and will bypass your PiHole, even if you manually specify it as your DNS server. You can stop this by going into "static routes" on your router and redirecting the Google DNS server IPs to yourself.

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