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The Big Mammoth

The ethical Instagram alternative @pixelfed is launching soon, but did you know that there's another federated photo sharing site in development?

It's called #Anfora (previously known as Zinat) and it's been developed in co-operation with #PixelFed so that they will be as compatible as possible (and they both use #ActivityPub).

Anfora is asking for help and feedback, links below:

Official account:


Dev's account:

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

Ein schönes Stück politischer Journalismus: Monafort der Verderber der amerikanischen Politik. (deutsch und englisch, letzteres auch zum hören)

gibt sich in einer neuen erfreut über E-Mails an eine Postanschrift oder Telefonnummer.

Wenn das die einzige Schlamperei wäre…

Abgrenzungskriterium: Ansprache als Generisches Femininum.
Sollte das ne Bank jetzt bringen, würde ich da sogar Kundin werden!

Make your own autonomous, federated communication and collaboration center with @Nextclouders and #XMPP @jsxc_org: … (and motivational text in German from @digiges_ch-#Winterkongress: …) #nextcloud

My only encrypts text files properly. Very frustrating. And there is not even a proper manual. :-/

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*Twitter is not a public utility* by @Gargron

"Isn’t it a bit strange that the entire world has to wait on the CEO of #Twitter to come around on what constitutes healthy discourse? I am not talking about it being too little, too late. Rather, my issue is with “instant, public, global messaging and conversation” being entirely dependent on one single privately held company’s whims. Perhaps they want to go in the right direction right now for once, but who’s to say …"

alle gegen E-Voting… richtig. Jetzt mit einer Initiative in der Schweiz. Ziel ist richtig, die Mittel eher mittel.


DropBox, besides neglecting to encrypt your files before storing them remotely, has had a history of malware behavior.

Their macOS client directly modified macOS's 'privacy database' (TCC.db) to bypass the user prompt for 'accessibility' rights – allowing them to interact with system UIs, other applications, and even intercept key events (i.e. keylogging).

Apple has since used SIP to block an application from modifying that file.

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«Twitter’s backend was initially built on Ruby on Rails, a rudimentary web-application framework that made it nearly impossible to find a technical solution to the harassment problem.» Clearly, yea. Tomorrow they tell us that guns kill people… WTF

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