Heute bei der Lektüre im Bett gelernt. Praktisch, weil englisch und französisch gleich.

Ok, so. I have a blog. Blog lists an e-mail address. So I get SEO spam requests. "Dear R, I read your blogpost <url> and I really think it would benefit from the link to my post <url>".

The post being peddled is inevitably just dull or bullshit. It's only purpose is to rack SEO for the main domain, that always sells some shitty service or another.

I usually ignore such e-mails…

…but this time the guy is really persistent. And is getting on my nerves.

So, I have an idea. And I want to know how bad it is.

@kirschner Ich muss meine Idee einer Initiative "Public Money, Public Communication" endlich mal angehen.

either i'm not getting how totp/2fa should work or many eager app reviewers… copying or duplicating your 2fa-devices should be done with outmost care. however, maybe using 2fa «in wrong ways» would increase overall security.

any recommendations for a privacy oriented alternative to mailchimp? It will be used for a small community project (~50 subscribers, max. 50 posts per year). It sould be possible to operate the system without any special technical skills. thanks!

I to the Office and did a good deal of business, and so home to supper and to bed with my mind mightily pleased with this day’s management, as one of the days of my life of fullest content.

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