@Sajarina @sajan I’ve been putting my illustration studies on the comicscamp.club instance if y’all want to check them out!

Finished yesterday:

@sajan @Sajarina 👋👋 how've y’all been? Sorry for the radio silence!

I got antsy to push myself a bit, so I threw together a figure sketch. I might come back to it later, but I'm also happy with how it turned out. Learning to trace+refine = 🤯

The story I was trying to tell was:
- Eating ramen at some hole-in-the-wall shop
- A relaxed, easy, jab, as if someone's making an obvious point
- Mid-eating (A future iteration will likely have a noodle hanging from the chopstick)
- Relaxed, except for leaning forward

#mastoart #illustration #practice #processwork #art

I've been posting my practice work as I learn illustration as an absolute beginner @tcannonfodder. But honestly, I feel proud enough of this doodle to share it on its own!

A simple coffee bug, BUT with it, I practiced:
- drawing through my forms
- Iterating and refining an image w/ multiple passes (10+ 😬)
- Deciding what's important to carry over
- Just the mechanics of drawing

Also pictured: each layer as I refined it

Practice work 

Practice work 

People forget how much context influences community participation. Put someone in a room full of people talking a certain way and they’ll inevitably adopt that way of talking.

That’s why the epic aggression and negativity on Twitter is so poisonous. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the tools do or how they look. What matters is the community content and tone. What matters is what’s considered normal.

The aftermath of 2 hours at the dog park (and the subsequent bath)

Haskell is not feeling good this morning. :( Boost to pet him and make him feel better!

@tcannonfodder @lrz That bit about `REPL-first dev` is so true. Hopping into `pry` was such a powerful learning tool for teaching object-oriented programming. It's also fantastic for exploring, with tools like `show-doc thing.that.stuff` and `show-source hotdog`

US politics 

So I got a “new” (older, 2014) Linksys router for free, as an attempt to fix my WiFi at home. Any recommendations for an OS to load on it?

I've been writing for over half a decade now and its flexibility continues to surprise and delight me. At this point, when I'm in a good flow, it almost becomes a stream-of-conscious

If you're on a Mac and do a lot of customer support or instructional work; Napkin is a must-have app. It's the closest replacement to old (good) Skitch that I've found. Drag and drop exporting is a killer feature in of itself


I'm really excited about today's (y'all have been *killing* it with the recommendations).

From @amyhoy: Laurie Spiegel's "The Expanding Universe"

A fun tidbit about it:

"Spiegel's realization of Johannes Kepler's "Harmonices Mundi" was chosen for the opening track on the "Sounds of Earth" section of the golden record placed on board the Voyager spacecraft in 1977" 🤩

open.spotify.com/album/2rD0SKi mastodon.social/media/sQqkkL6r

Kitchen 'hacks' 

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