Let's start something new: ! Share some music that you're listening to while working; hopefully we can find some new jams along the way 😄

(Boost or share instructions!)

I've got a lot of tricky bugs to fix and tests to write, so I'm pulling out the ODST soundtrack. It's perfectly paced and has some excellent crescendos to make you feel even cooler for *checks notes* writing tests

@tcannonfodder oh that reminds me

Siri remind me tomorrow to learn how to write software tests and also find out what they are

@tcannonfodder I would say that the Mass Effect soundtracks are pretty good at that as well.

@ff0000 OOOOH yes! Which ones? I particularly like Mass Effect 1 when working, because it's got a super 70s vibe to it

@tcannonfodder Mostly the first one yeah, it introduced a lot of themes that returned in later releases, but still work the best in the first.

And now that i think about it, the Stranger Things soundtrack!

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