Kirby didn't draw the Hulk for long, but I am obviously a fan of his style, and picked the obvious color here

Hellboy, sketched by Mike Mignola himself, here tinted red. I guess I like pencil sketches done up to look like they're in colored ink. And of course they're edited to be square to serve as avatars

This one of Moon Knight in a white suit drawn by Declan Shalvey is newly topical

Who wants to see some comic book character sketches that I colorized for fun?

(Purple is my favorite color so a lot of these are purple)

What worked for me, if anyone else is having trouble uploading a new avatar, is deleting my old avatar before I uploaded the new one. A little fiddly, but it got it done!

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Mastodon can't even successfully update my avatar photo, but that's okay! It's about the people! I think

It turns out that writing reflexive verbs without using the letter E is very difficult.

So all of us row on, boats against flowing rapids, unvaryingly carrying us back into our past.


If our souls, split now in two, so
As a stiff twin compass is two;
My soul, that firm foot, will not show
To part, but doth, if its pair will do.

And though it far from orbit sits,
Still as its pair away will tack,
It tilts and follows hard towards it,
And grows up straight, as its pair turns back.

Such will I do for you, who must,
As our front foot, far away part;
My fixity holds our oval just,
And brings us in turn back to our start.


Kendrick Lamar 

I like a lot about the new album, but there is this one thing. Kendrick's always had a bit of dissonance between his verses and his hooks, but on the new album, some of the hooks almost ruin their songs. "Loyalty loyalty loyalty" is not a great hook. Neither is "Let me put the head in." It goes beyond misdirection and feels more like a mistake.

Hi all my informed and beautiful friends!

Who should I be following for good takes (i.e. thoughtful analysis), developer notes, and keeping up with the meta-commentary on Mastodon more generally? Send me all your favorite navel-gazers

if your tomb says anything but "RIP" on it, your bony ass automatically joins a mighty ghost war


Hello everyone I'd like to introduce the new @ambassador from

This is my attempt to fix the followbot problem. If you're an instance admin, you can install an ambassador bot on your instance.

The bot will boost the most popular toots from your instance. Someone can follow your ambassador to have your instance's best content added to their federated feed.

Feedback welcome, code here:

LISA: I feel like I'm gonna DIE, Bart!
BART [nonchalant]: We're *all* gonna die, Lis.
LISA: I mean SOON!
BART [sadly]: So did I.

So in 2006, ~for unrelated reasons~, I made a playlist of my favorite songs about the end of the world, and I was thinking, yeah, this feels timely and fun to share.

A few changes: I added Bowie's "Five Years" and switched to Nirvana's cover of "Man Who Sold the World." And I had to take Jim O'Rourke's "Get A Room" off because Drag City's not on Spotify. Which is a shame, because it's a beautiful, sad, funny song, and one of my favorites.

S.I. Rosenbaum, Jake Harris, and I had a fun Twitter conversation about Superman's myriad identities tonight. Cameos by Anil Dash and John Overholt.

The new run of Flintstones comics (yes those Flintstones) is seriously good. Futurama-style wit and social commentary.

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