What did everyone think about the new stuff showed today? I thought it was interesting how much they mentioned and 'on-device' recommendations. Pretty obvious counterpoint to Facebook/Google.

@tcat They created a credit card so you can buy their products on lines of credit for them to get profit AND the interest as well? Wow, I'm actually impressed at the ingenuity on that one.

@mattgen88 People seem really upset about the credit card. Which I'm trying to understand. Amazon, Southwest, GM (do they still have one?) all have credit cards with special benefits for buying from them.

@tcat Eh, I've been unimpressed with Apple and Google's events as of late. Gimmicky stuff, slight hardware upgrades, software refreshes, port removals. The credit card thing just comes off as scummy because it's targeted at capturing the interest on spending done in their products as their primary intention, so that you pay them even more for their very expensive products. I have a hard time seeing it any other way.

@tcat I'm overall pretty positive on it. Given the behavior of the rest of the FAANG gang, Apple sounds pretty refreshing. My take on yesterday's event was 'privacy' and 'positivity' - a fairly rare message in the world of megacorps. I'll take it.

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