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this account is now a football account for the next 3 hours while the 49ers get whipped, sorry to all my baseball people

I'm about to take my senior portrait but I can already conform this lazily taken selfie is gonna look better

I'm hot, and I feel like shit. Does that make me hot shit?

I wrote a really trash thinkpiece about my ideology and may have made the stupid decision to put it on Facebook for all my non-leftist friends to see.

I wish I got more favs, but I guess I'm always on here at inopprotoot times

I just had the longest burp of my life. Approaching 10 seconds. I feel a solid 20 pounds lighter

The giants scored more runs in two batters than they did in two games against the Mets and Gregor Blanco made sure to dab just to rub it in.

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i currently have a 102 in my economics class, so whoever said socialists didn't know how anything works get fucked

if i could go back in time with one thing i would take a usb with every single tweet dril has ever made back to 2009 and live my life as an internet celebrity

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Of course, it wouldn't be a giants game unless we scored 8 runs, then proceeded to have one of our actual good relievers blow it

yo, what's with all this "fuck white people" stuff on my tl, can someone explain?

not that I'm complaining, we all fucking suck

At this time four years ago I thought I'd be a success at everything but instead I'm gay

I would also like to point out that Alen Hanson's reward for suddenly becoming a god at infield is to sit while Kelby Tomlinson starts at second

I had a dream that Aramis Garcia would be catching today, but it looks like my mental connection with Bruce Bochy is weaker than I thought


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