@td2g excellent..... this is the content i want to see

@td2g The greatest thing the ABC ever did. And they've done a lot

@matiu_bidule @td2g @taziden

Was that a nazi?

I must admit that even if it was, for reasons of maintaining consistency in one's ethics I'd have to say no, its not OK to punch a person because they are of any identifier, ideological or otherwise.

Now punching a person engaging in fisticuffs - that is very probably fine!

@td2g every time I see this I always hear a looney tunes "clang" sound

I would but without it being cw tagged for having violence and having to stare at some (mercifully brief) nazi fucks unpunched face I'm not willing to just boost it but yes, punch more Nazis.

@td2g I wish that kind of boost I could get at Jamba Juice: I'll have the Punch a Nazi Boost.

@td2g 1/ Please, add a CW when posting violent content.
2/ I don't know who is the person who is punched. Maybe it's a reference to something that happened on TV in your country ?
Without any context, we can think he's a victim of a fascist.

@nicod_ hi! Sorry to have startled you with the gif. If you're unfamiliar with it and upset by violent content, I cam see why it could be jarring. The guy getting punched is definitely not a victim of a fascist, he's the fascist himself. His name is Richard Spencer, and he's one of the most famous neo-Nazis in America. Again, I'm really sorry if the gif upset you

@td2g Ok, i didn't know it was Richard Spencer. I know the guy, what he thinks/says but not familiar with his face, i didn't recognize him.
I personnaly am not to upset by violence, but this gif is really very violent, i can imagine it can be very disturbing for lots of people.
I think you're new on Mastodon. We have free speech but try to respect everyone's sensibility here by putting a CW (content warning) and hiding the content for violence, explicit sex, politics etc. (even food for some ^^)

@nicod_ I know how to use content warnings, but I made a poor assumption that most everybody on here would know what the gif was about. Thank you for letting me know, though.

@td2g I knew what it was from the single image in the thumbnail, and I still clicks and watched through ten times - it's a beautiful piece of art that deserves a place in the Louvre

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