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hi hello please don't follow this version of me. I'm actually over at thx <3

hi hello please don't follow this version of me. I'm actually over at thx <3

an old friend once told me that I have a warmth, a light that gets everyone excited and ready to go. where is it now?

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I used to be much kinder. it stole something warm from me, replaced it with hate, distrust, a version of me that isn't the best I could be

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I'm extremely interested in leaving twitter. it sucks for it to be a major comms tool for my people. it sucks to have 3,000 followers. it sucks to have that dopamine trickle every waking moment

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Mastodon feels a lot more mature than when I started. I'm digging the privacy knobs.

buncha jackasses on the blue bird site claiming that when the straights use partner its queer appropriation and in pretty much done with it and ebdsa

does tusky do push notifications or is that not a thing

more importantly, how do I follow birb site people from here? did that ever get implemented somewhere in the fediverse

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Still not seeing my toots from show up here. Not sure whats missing.

I can't tell if my toots are being federated or if this is a cache issue...

Hearing people saying: [in england] only the libdems want to have a conversation about brexit.

Wondering if a SNP/LIbdem coalition is possible...

Hot take: neoliberalism is better than fascism

Hot take the second: this thermos' warmth feels great on my legs

Hot take: the black panthers was the best antifa organization there will ever be in Oakland, and no majority white group will ever come close

The local and federated timelines are now useless to me. This is not failure, it's inevitable. They may still be useful but not for humans.

So the question is whether I can grow and prune my follows list so that the Home and Notifications lines are interesting and not too annoying.

I badly need
- Better search
- Easier community-of-interest group forming
- lists of some sort
- Better author based curating and tagging


How does searching for people here work? Do I need to search every dang instance or something

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