All I really want in life is abolition of land ownership. Is that too much to ask?

@pnathan abolition would put land in the hands of the public, which is basically the same as seizing it

@pnathan @tdfischer there would be work to be done beyond land reform, but it is surely an important step

@tdfischer @rosa out of curiosity, what is the justification for seizing land? how does that differ from other property?

@rosa @pnathan it is the most essential means of production. You can't live somewhere without land, you can work without land, you can't grow food without land, etc

@rosa @tdfischer interesting. who would seize it, and who would administer and maintain it?

(sorry, boring person here who does maintenance and infrastructure type work)

@rosa @pnathan the state, just as it does roads and sidewalks and the like. We already do a lot of that, it's not a radical change

@tdfischer @pnathan i would prefer an organization that is democratically accountable to the people. our state is an unaccountable dictatorship of the bourgeois and for it to control the land would be no different in practice from the current state of affairs where the bourgeois unaccountably controls the land. the current state apparatus is in fact exists largely for the purpose of protecting bourgeois control of the land

@pnathan @rosa well yeah, my utopia has The State ran by democratic means

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