slang moves so fast now. has it always felt this fast? is it exponential?

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Everything bad is theoretically impossible which is why it never happens.

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Trump about to float his command center to the corner of the map

twitter seems a lot harder when you know you're a dumbass

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What people don't realize about history is everything used to be much more flammable

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Savannah Guthrie is doing what I’ve been waiting four years for someone to do.

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Half-male, half-female songbird, discovered this week.

This rose-breasted grosbeak has a rare genetic condition called bilateral gynandromorphy. One half of the bird is genetically female, and the other is genetically male. It is capable of inseminating a female and laying eggs!

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@krystalball When the dexi hitting you so strong you throw the election AND crash the markets

sure wish we had leadership that would at least _pretend_ to respect their nation's citizens

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I just can't look past this disgusting tweet. Donating the max to Trump and voting for him (maybe twice per his suggestion)

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The Trump Era isn't too hard to understand. It's just a referendum on whether or not America will be a multiracial nation.

And since America can't survive as anything BUT a multiracial nation, it's really just a referendum on whether America should survive.

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A great strength of Trump is that he recognizes that most people of all political stripes approach the process with the hipster mentality that politics is beneath them, and he is happy to indulge that idea because he wins when people disengage

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