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does a pfp of a pic of an anime girl count as an anime girl pfp please say no

so I shitpost to gain followers? is that how this works?

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i dont undestand the people who leave hate comments and then delete them when i reply to them, like what? are you scared of a white FIVE TWO FOOT girl over the eenanet? you sure had a lot to say 5 minutes ago BUDDY! Dont be shy, put samoa, dont be shy, put samoa

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The rest of the world is watching America like America watched Tiger King.

you think they'll sit around and do nothing? people want to self-actualize

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our team had a mole and I'm not even mad that's some devious shit right there

you're just a blob of protein telling other blobs of protein to move some sticks around

turns out streaming my whack-job spiritual manifesto is a great way to lose followers

dreamt I wrote myself a note to practice lucid dreaming in the dream I was having. wasn't a lucid dream tho

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I'm tired of sleeping and I'm tired of being awake.

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It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up. The correct number is zero, cause you shouldn’t get knocked down.

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This chart from @calculatedrisk is, in one word, breathtaking.

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