Presenting: he first actually-representative-of-the-aesthetic build of the game I'm making with @teascade! Shiny and neon. #gamedev

My display name no longer is accompanied by a ❤, you know what that means? That's right! My main is now at @teascade for now, until I get a few followers after which I'll be probably switching to a self-hosted mastodon account.

Hello, targaryen! Catch me there!

Writing a novel or a short story is definitely something I recommend everyone to try.

It really lets you to be creative without having to create tonnes of assets and waste weeks of time into a project you won't finish anyways. The best thing about it is that you really learn about yourself and your writing style

5/5 recommend to everyone.

Hi, so I'm transferring my main account to an instance my friend @neon is hosting, and my new handle will be @Teascade :P You'll recognize my new main by the small ❤ in the name (once it updates that is)

See you there!

I'm feeling very unproductive. I don't feel like programming, and I really don't feel like playing and therefore streaming either (which in the end isn't very productive though). Damn.

Well it just turned out I've posted a few replies on the public timeline out of my ignorance. Dang.

Woah, I got 4 followers overnight. Mastodon is awesome 😄

what is this federated timeline

more like japanese timeline :D

Imagine coming back to Mastodon after last being here in ~2016.

@teascade right now.

Hey guys I came back to mastodon. It's been way too long

Me and @neon are hosting a game jam in about a week called Vertex Jam where you must create a low-poly game! It's great, come join us! :D

I won the internet by finding this

Yes firstly I'd like to thank my mum and dad and @neon and,

The rumor bird told me tracer was gay? 🎉🎉 rev up the partymachines gals

Been busy with school recently so I haven't been able to develop my game :/
Once I get the first level and a simple AI, I'll post an update GIF though!

Finished Ludum Dare! Feels great to make something, especially when it feels finished. Go check it out at <3

So now in my quake-like I've run into the classical problem that when I shoot, bullets won't hit _directly_ in the crosshair in the middle of the screen, because they come out of the gun, not the player.

One solution would to raycast before shooting and telling the bullets to go towards the hit point, not forward, but that's a bit cheating and works weirdly on moving targets.. :/

Finally created an ammosystem with HUD and some pickups (which add ammo) to the quake-like game I'm developing! Which by the way still doesn't have a name :D

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