Go outside and look at the moon right the hell now. There's still time.

I'm streaming naked Elden Ring on my Discord server all casual-style. discord.gg/cwRCE2z7

"Did you see that weird hippie boy at the party?"
"Yeah, do you think he knows?"
"Well I'm certainly not going to tell him!"

I feel like y'all didn't sufficiently appreciate the monster hat the first time.

I'm putting together \A Look/ for Flipside. What do you think so far? My goal is to use light to draw attention to the parts of my body that I like.

And that's the last one from this set so far, folks! I hope you didn't get run off by so much of the same thing.
And once again, I really would love some music recs to light-dance too. Slow, but with a good bouncy beat.

But seriously folks, I need music recommendations. What should I dance to?

The music and the dancing got me feeling some kinda way. Then I look down and apparently I'm hard. Go figure.

Back on my light-dancing bullshit. What music do you think I was listening to?

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