In other news have a presentation by the allocated outplacement support company shortly to see what they can help with

Glad to report my meds have settled down again so now feel better than before - yay!

Should go for a run, but really don't want to go for a run but know that I may feel better if I do complete a run

Have agreed to something I no longer want to do or go along with ugggghhhhhh

Also this time away from places is costing me money as I keep going into my own world/bubble and reading books (something I never normally do)

No wonder why I have had to go on anti depressants!

So 2021 the year is the year I will be made redundant and have to job hunt in the middle of a pandemic

Back in the fediverse and hiding from people on other social media platforms

Another national lockdown (as if it was not bad enough working from home for the last 9 months) and also knowing I will need to get another job in 6 months time.......

Sometimes I really, really, really do not understand people and their behaviours and it makes me question my own self worth :(

Am enjoying playing Destiny 2, so much so I have now given myself tendinitis in my left wrist!

Been a while since posted - the highlight of my absence has been finding out I will need to get a new job in 2021 :(

Thinking the people who got their accounts hijacked on Twitter must be fairly annoyed about it today (especially if they had 2FA enabled)

Does anyone actually love these lock down enforced video calls?

Trying lineageOS 17.1 without GMS to see how much functionality I lose and or gain compared to using /e/ (which have used for a couple of months) on Android 9

Really not feeling this thing called work today

100+ days into Working From Home and have finally felt the need to set up a home desk and a work desk just to make home and work more separate.

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