Dislike the way Instagram analyses all photos you upload and tries to classify them based on what is in the image. Another good reason to use Pixelfed instead!

@PINE64 Zero success in getting Android to run from SD card on the Pinebook Pro using the images on the site. Any tips to resolve?

Enjoying the Pinebook Pro but do find it a bit frustrating some of the apps I like using are not available for the architecture so have to use alternatives instead. Also still not able to watch Netflix on it :(

Does anyone know how to get stories to display at the top of Pixelfed. Have got them enabled on my instance and can see on users profiles but not at the top of the main homepage screen

Flight and a drive then I can collect my Pinebook Pro :)

Think I'll have to do a stealth mission to the shops this evening (under the cover of darkness) to attempt to avoid the crowds

Looks like I accidentally purchased a new drone!

Wondering if my Pinebook Pro order will ship and arrive before Christmas Day

So turns out Pixelfed really did not like running on Debian 8 with webmin as caused Apache to hang on a daily logrotate

Kudos to Amazon who have refunded the non delivered order from a seller in China with zero push back

Some days work can be interesting, today was one of those days.

Currently infecting the office with my illness. My coworkers will not thank me for this

Amazon black Friday week aka order stuff you don't really need as you think it may be a bargain week

Don't get why people my age love Facebook as much as much as they seem to

Android tablets are poor, but this still won't make me buy an iPad

Imminent trip (from my sick bed) to Genius bar with water damaged one month old Mac Book Air, expecting that the repair will be super expensive

Ordered a package of Amazon a month ago. Apparently it is being delivered within a delivery window that ends tomorrow. I am not holding my breath it will actually arrive tomorrow.

Why did people elect this compulsive liar? I really seem to dislike everything about politics/politicians at the moment. t.co/o0LrTKwJK3

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