Thinking the people who got their accounts hijacked on Twitter must be fairly annoyed about it today (especially if they had 2FA enabled)

Does anyone actually love these lock down enforced video calls?

Trying lineageOS 17.1 without GMS to see how much functionality I lose and or gain compared to using /e/ (which have used for a couple of months) on Android 9

Really not feeling this thing called work today

100+ days into Working From Home and have finally felt the need to set up a home desk and a work desk just to make home and work more separate.

End of an era my boss has now left the building (figuratively soeaking as Working From Home). So I will raise a glass to him to wish him well, but know that next week will be very weird!

The one thing I planned to do this weekend I did not get to do (unboxing the Sony ZV-1)

Did the monthly update of /e/ on the OnePlus6T and then my device wouldn't power up. Thankfully adb sideload resolved and still have my data

2020 is really shaping up to be the year that just keeps on giving!

Another day and another phone to setup for use

Couple of months using /e/ on the OP6T and still going great :)

The fan apocalypse is upon us. My work laptop just shutdown because it is unhappy that it did not have its own fan directly pointing at it.

Since lockdown I have been trying to purchase a working treadmill. That day has now arrived :) (however I am still waiting for the dead on arrival one that was delivered just a day before lockdown and remains lingering in my garage to be picked up)

It is a three fan day today and even then I cannot cool my office in the loft down :(

First WFH pandemic day I have wished the office was open to enjoy its partially working air conditioning

Work VPN is so slow. Have been trying to download a 2Gb file for 6 hours!

Really appreciated that erroneous phishing take down notice netcraft, google and my VPS server provider this morning. Set my day up nicely!

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