Can Trump give his freaking concession speech so we can get our Retweets back?

Those days when I can just sleep on the couch and don't wake up with a litter of sweat are here..

Maruti S Presso looks fine on screen, but on roads it's like a toy car got loose from the circus.

ஒரு பொன் தேரில் உல்லாச ஊர் போகலாம்.. 🥰

பின்னியிருகான்யா மனுசன். என்னா காம்பினேசன்.. 😇

How many times do you mistype O as 0 (Zero) in a day?

NE Monsoon in full swing. Even if the schools were reopened, it would have been followed by a number rain holidays at least this month and next

Apple M1 is without virtualization. Interesting but not surprising. M1 is actually based on mobile chip, and I hope they provide a software layer to compensate and will probably tackle hardware virtualization in M2.

What's the Tamil Game equivalent of Words with Friends for Android?

I once wanted to work at Intel. While at school, cut out Intel Inside logo from magazines and have it stuck on every book. Tch..tch. Later had Intel's pom-pom... Tone as message tone. In fact, I learnt Python in college because I saw it in all the job postings of Intel.

The Startup School's (@startupschool ) Future Founder's program started yesterday. Join if you have a vague idea of running a business someday and maybe it will work out sooner than later.

Timing the market is the worst vocation. Delayed my Index ETF purchase to after US election results. Markets have been climbing every session. SIP is SIP for a reason, letting emotions into it leads to loss of opportunity. Don't know how many times I should be taught this.

Now which one of the good-for-nothing idiots sold my number to Deepam Matrimony? And apprently the ladies at Deepam matrimony call random numbers. At least they didn't know my name. Hopefully it was just a dump of numbers.

Pandas Join and SQL Join. Gets me every time.

Dei pandas, why da?

People saying no one has helped Dooknob, what's their take here?

1. Every high ranking minister in the Union Govt has tweeted support for him publicly
2. What's the "help" you mention here? That he should have been brought out of jail by force or bribes?

நாம பாஜாகவுக்கு ஒட்டு போடல அவ்வளவுதான். எல்லா அசிங்கமும் இங்க நிறைய இருக்குன்னு அப்ப அப்பே நியாபகப் படுத்த இப்பிடி எதாவது ஒரு டிரென்டு செய்யும் நல் உள்ளங்களுக்கு 🙏

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