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There are those like Prof Jean Dreze, who gave up his Belgian citizenship and became an Indian. He wears it proudly, and has spent the better part of his life to make this country better for its most marginalized.

Those are the citizens we must celebrate, defend and aid.

Taseer will go on to write his columns in The Guardian, Time and New Yorker. Dreze will continue to cycle on the streets of Ranchi and Dantewada, fighting for every Indian's right to livelihood, dignity and sustenance.

ASHOK LEYLAND today be like

நான் மேலே, மேலே, மேலே போயுப்புட்டேன்...
அந்த lineஇல் மோதி கீழே விழுந்துபுட்டேன்..

Starting a new web project is always a tedious affair. Setup routes, add the stylesheets, put the logo in place, don't miss the favicon, did you make sure i18n is in place, should the home page be called home or index, should I add a navbar or just navs.. phew

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PSA for non Tamils. IIT Madras has nothing to do with the culture of Madras or Tamil Nadu. It is only geographically in Tamil Nadu.

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This is SO messed up.

This investigation reveals 265 coordinated fake local media outlets serving Indian interests. All of them linked to New Delhi.

*Someone* seems to be putting in money into spreading disinformation across the world using fake websites. If THIS gets traced back to our Government, it would be incredibly INCREDIBLY embarrassing.

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You know those visual recaptchas that ask you to identify road features like bikes, buses, crosswalks, hydrants, bridges, traffic lights, and other vehicles? I don't think I've ever had one ask me to identify a pedestrian.

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Infrastructure investors work on 30 year horizons. Jagan Reddy’s reckless actions will deter good & responsible investors from the Indian market. Our governments’ ability to destroy economic value and undermine our developmental prospects is limitless.

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Jagan Reddy’s closing of the Amaravati project is much more damaging than George Fernandes pushing IBM & Coca Cola out in the 1970s. Massive damage to India’s credibility as a destination for foreign investment in infrastructure.

Reversing the slowdown is going to be very difficult in the face of whimsical and capricious government decisions.

Yesterday's winners are today's losers.

Life is a circle 😝

Spent a good time trying to build a IFTTT service for Mastodon only to realize that the OAuth cannot be setup because of the URLs varying with the instance.

The tech world has advanced
with centralization in mind. The protocols and systems for decentrialized systems aren't widespread or even considered in most cases.

RSS - oh you beauty. How long you have survived.

Stock Talk 

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Developers! Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.

snap install mockoon

Consolidation of Mobile Operators is probably one of the worst things that has happened in the telecom sector. I was really happy when we had regional operators like Aircel. I don't know why people think a monopoly or a duopoly will do them any good. India has such a large user base 5-6 players should be able to operate but for the DoT tariffs.

The lack of choice and high entry fee for new entrants will only make it worse for us consumers in the longer run.

News came out a couple of days ago that the economy has been slowing down at a record level. Today the index is moving up. I don't understand this at all. 🤷‍♂️

Have been losing fathers of friends at a pace I didn't expect. Two happened within a week. Next one came yesterday after a month's gap. Losing someone is hard.

Makes one grasp for whatever time that's available to spend with family, for those of us who are lucky enough to have one.

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