After the ML/AI, will the next hype be around quantum computing? Can already see promoted tweets from @microsoft

@tecoholic The hype has been happening for a long time now, I believe. I work directly on quantum technology, and the industry has been dealing with a lot of hype over the past two years. But, still, we have a long way to go in terms of making quantum computing practical and the physical realization of qubits.

@ionhandshaker Neural Networks were in the same place a decade ago. Now we run it on Kaggle Notebooks for free with 16 gigs of RAM. The cloud will change the game for quantum, providers will rent their machines out as services.

@tecoholic True. Many startups are now looking at QCaaS as an option. My POV is that of a physicist who tries to build these machines, even from there, we are still finding it difficult to fault tolerant quantum computing. Error correction is a massive challenge and of course, maintaining the qubits in a state of entanglement which requires near absolute zero temperatures.

@ionhandshaker How closely is Memristors associated with QC? I read about them 10 yes back and recently read that manufacturing has succeeded. Anything used for QC?

@tecoholic No, memristors don't have direct applications as qubits yet. They are used more in storage applications. There are two ways in which a qubit can be realized - Superconducting Josephson junctions and ion traps. Either of them form the fundamental basis of a quantum computer like how a CMOS transistor forms the basis of a conventional computer.

@ionhandshaker on the practical level, I don't think it's about absolute quantum computing. Hypes are usually around unproven practicality of tech for most part.

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