The only solution to this conundrum I have come up with is do our typical Indian entrance exam cracking. Search th net for a question bank, prepare answers for all the questions, memorize them.

Why memorize, because one probably has to cycle 10 odd scenarios to fit 100+ question

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I read "interview tips" on handling behavioural questions and often times it's really hard to find a single instance for some of the situations.

And in some instances, the customers were handled at PM level that I have no idea what happened.

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Amazon is big on behavioural questions in their interviews and quite a few companies are doing it too. So if you have never worked in a customer facing role or had a bad leadership who dealt with situations poorly, it's going to be hard clearing those interviews.

Sourcing for ideas for a Free and Open Source Software Hackathon.

If there is something that you think should be Open Source, kindly comment. I will try my best.

Don't think alternate stores are a solution. I was just applying the real world abstraction of stores and choice. But Samsung, Mi etc.., sell phones with their own stores. I don't think anyone actually uses them. Play Store still is the go-to place. Not sure what the alternate is

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Not sure how the Fortnite vs Apple & Google battle will go. But if it ends up with alternate stores becoming part of the ecosystem, it will be good in the long run.

When looking for talent, I hope they keep the expectations realistic.

Business has a low margin, then just use an off the shelf software like Wordpress, Magento, Drupal..etc., to put up your website/portal.

Don't go looking for a NodeJS+React Dev at $5-10/hr. Failure is assured

I want to start a company that will provide localisation services for marketing agencies, not because I really care about product marketing. Just so I can name the company

TharaiLocal தரலோக்கல்

Algolia search is everywhere these days. Remember those days when sitemap.xml, SEO, Google Custom Search were a thing.

From where does this expectation to look for a developer who can build the backend, frontend, Android app, and an iOS app comes from?

My old 2015 Macbook Air is installing MacOS Catalina. Yeah yeah.. big fur and all coming out I know.

Have asked my mom to go to temple just in case.

Uber is taking the money which could be put to use for public transport and putting it into unnecessary rules and laws.

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But if they make it a policy issue and get a law defined, any issues and resulting arbitration that arises will have to be dealt by the courts. That's public money and time. Then people will have work with not the company but the govt to change the provision.

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They argue they have created a new form of work part from full time employment and contract employment. But what's stopping them from letting the drivers choose this?

It's cost, if the differentiation is made at company policy level, then future issues that arise due to this.

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Uber is consistently innovating on twisting the law to its advantage. Now they are making policy to create a third line of work.

What it does is pushes their burden onto the public infra.

How are these people able to do this? Anti Muslim slogan and employment with location?

Mind blowing really.

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