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UP seems to have a complete sadist and a psychopath at its helm.

Yes calling them guest workers will make their life very comfortable. Just like doctors and nurses are now enjoying luxury lifestyle after being names Corona warriors. 👍

One person tweets a stock's market manipulation, another guy comments below with a 4 year tweet showing he is a master stock picker with a picture of another manipulated stock.

Share Market seems to be very happy with the 20LC boost given to the economy.

I am not a master of English or anything, but @the_hindu, what ra this and all? That too in the first page.

I was sitting there for 3 minutes thinking why a night curfew is not allowed.

I have been thinking, maybe I have been too much on a critical note completely in my tweets. Then, I saw an Adam Ruins Everything where he talks about how "Doing Good" like volunteering, recycling, billionaire philanthropy is all just a humbug.🤷🏿‍♂️ I can continue...

அய்யா @tamizhsudhakar இப்பிடியே போட்டுட்டு இருந்தீரு, நான் துட்டர் உட்டுட்டு டிக் டாக்கு பேசாம போயுடுவேன். ஓவர் டோஸ் ஆகுது சத்த வண்டிய ஓரங்கட்டுங்க. அப்புறமா கண்டினுயு பண்ணலாம்.

Parties that represent a particular caste can't be a solution to anything.

How will a setup completely dependent on hierarchy establish equality? It will just be a selfish unit that furthers it's own interests at the cost of others. It's a zero sum game of winners and losers.

I have pro take on recent announcements.

With the easing of regulations, opening up of all sectors to private, it's a great opportunity for people to start new businesses and that might be the best things they can do for their communities.

What's the counter to this?

What's the crisis? A Virus
What's the solution? A vaccine
What's the mitigation? Healthcare facilities, support for people who lost jobs due to mitigation steps.

If only life was this simple and straightforward.

நானும் சில நாலா
"என்று தணியும் இந்தச் சுதந்திர தாகம்?
என்று மடியும் எங்கள் அடிமையின் மோகம்?" ன்னு

சுத்திகினு இருந்தேன்.. சரி முழுசா படிப்போம்னு எடுத்தா

"ஆரிய! நீயும்நின் அறம்மறந் தாயோ?
வெஞ்செயல் அரக்கரை வீட்டிடு வோனோ!
வீர சிகாமணி! ஆரியர் கோனே!"

முடிச்சிக்கினார் பாரதியார்.

With the kind of majority and power these guy have at hand, a foundation for an equitable future could be laid. But these f**ks are laying a foundation of inequality that will take generations to undo after it starts.

Yesterday's realase had a number pro-private points as well include deregulation of produce and doing away with mandi based price structure.

"If you speak to Santosh, you will learn that people don’t migrate to distant cities to bring glory to India, to build India or make the lives of middle-class Indians better."

My credit card says due is -0.39. Am I getting 39 paise this month or should I go to the consumer court?

Bill Gates + Trump pandering to Modi = India will be the testing ground for the Covid-19 vaccine.

I need an AC in the kitchen. Chennai May summer is cruel.

Azim Premji seems like a lone voice of concern in the midst of capitalist cacophony.

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