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Now that NodeJS Devs have accepted node_modules have been a bad idea and responded with creating Deno, can peeps kindly drop the headache called ? I would like to stay with plain requirements.txt and a virtual environment

Just to be clear, learn ML. One should learn ML. It will be present in different forms across the board. But don't make learn ML as an end goal. It should be part of the toolset.

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Another update on learning Machine Learning technologies. Big companies like IBM have built drag and drop ML pipelines so anyone can run ML algorithms. Here is an example of training 3 different algorithms and picking the best one for output.

Prefer Engineering over ML.

The majestic state of Uttar Pradesh where no one knows what is going on.

Actually, scratch that. That would require managing a DB and VM. Will probably use and and publish it as a Github Page/Netlify app. No frills hosting.

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Looking at the integrations in @getredash (, I am thinking of setting up an instance and put a bunch of files and create some dashboards.

I have a VM which runs a bunch of docker containers. Now and then it becomes unresponsive with CPU and disk usage hitting the peak. The only way to interact after that is to restart the VM. What can I use to identify the offending program?

Indian banking sector is filled with rent-seekers. Especially the kind that makes one sick at the stomach.

Revelation courtesy: @logic

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உங்க பேஸ்ட்ல "machine learning" இருக்கா?

இனிமே இந்த டிவிட்டர் கணக்குல நான் கீச்ச மாட்டேன், என் AI தான் கீச்சும் என சொல்லிக்கொண்டு, வாய்ப்பளித்தமைக்கு நன்றி கூறி விடை பெறுகிறேன்.

🙏 நன்றி, வணக்கம்

"We cannot defer loan repayment because then we don't have money to pay the depositors."

But we have money to spend on things like promoting Yoga on Twitter.

The R language packages are something. The tutorial asks me run a single line of code and there appears 4 distribution graphs, 6 scatter plots, 4 histograms and 4 box plots.

What sorcery is this?

Youtube is proactively taking measures to stop me from using it, by forcing ads. And the actual video doesn't start after the ad is over. Trying hard to get users to pay for a PRO account now, are we?

And I notice this breaks in a lot of people who are explaining things on TV too. But somehow the guys who run shows seem to be immune to it (I know that's why they are running them in the first place), like a tap is fitted from the thought centre of the brain to the mouth

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I am always impressed by people who speak continuously and with clear flow of thought.

Each call with the client is like... like .. how do I say this.. very.. broken and kind of always leaves me searching for... wait a sec.. what are those?... oh yeah! words.

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