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Any recommendations for standing desks to buy in India?

thiru @Dir_Lokesh sir, mask ellam pottutu name badge oda ukkarnthu irukku police ellam.. Konjam pathu adjust pannunga

I like how @LukasGraham look in Share that Love. Aged well. "Once I was 7 years" to now.. nice transition.

libraries + Google Colab = Easy data extraction from Covid Media Bulletins.

Results after using just 3 paragraphs for training. If 1 full day of data is used (~20-30 paragraphs) I think the accuracy should be super good. Took 2 hours from 0 to CSV

cc: @kmathan

I cannot understand the Indian RW affection for Trump. Is it just the rallies and the fake friendship with Modi? Has it gone so far as to pray for his re-election over Biden?

One thing about which has cost me immense time is NoneType Error. I wish Python can accommodate None as an empty string, empty list, or empty dict. Python is aware enough to report Expected str got NoneType instead, can't it be aware enough to read it as an empty string?

Does anyone know of data extraction tool that can parse paragraphs and extract numbers?

Playlist: சந்தனத் தென்றலை...
Mind Voice in Vadivelu tone: என்னா தம்பி? என்னாச்சு

டேய் எடிட்டர், உன்ன மட்டும் நேர்ல பாத்தேன்.. செத்தடா. இந்த பாட்டுக்கு சிரிக்க வச்சுடியேடா 😭

Bought one iron dosa kal last week and have been cursing myself for using a non-stick one all these years. The versatility is amazing.

Intellectuals in India think their button + LED system and American ORM sheets are one and the same. 👌👍

This looked a lot different today morning. It is a very interesting election. Much entertainment, much pop corn.

Sitting without armrest: weight falls on the wrist and hurts wrist

Sitting with armrest: shoulder is locked in one position and and strains neck and shoulders


I think we can wait for technical results, or just go home and brace for 4 more years of Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. Berika is Berika.

ஆமாம்.. இப்பிடி ஊரெல்லாம் அந்த போன் நம்பர போஸ்டர் அடிச்சு ஒட்டு. விளங்கும்.


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