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People in stores.

Dei come up with some token system.

One lady barged in saying two items and has filled up two big shoppers.

Where you all going so fast?

Now I notice everything from stale air in a locked room to neighbours' cooking.

is so bad that, we should put on a mask when we go out even when the Pandemic ends.

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Wearing masks every time I step out of the house has improved my sense of smell. Working near petroleum refineries has affected my sense of smell to the point I stayed in the house for 3 days after diesel based termite treatment with zero effect, while the cleaner puked guts out.

On the weather front, Chennai remains muggy and sweaty.

But has a silver lining, I went running at 7:30 and came back.

Tenkasi - her **little hamlet** had a software company which hired locals, paid them well, **fed them** and gave them opportunities to write product software for the world.

Dear Chennai weather, have you no grace? It has rained the entire night and it still feels like someone poured gum all over?

Will that Chinese built statue also get knocked down?

Needed to run a background job.

Changed log level to DEBUG

Forgot to add logging statement

Now watching blank screen for the past 15 minutes.

Does anyone know how to reduce posts like this appearing in @linkedin Feed?

Why do things related 4 degrees out appear on the feed?

Thinking about using as a drop-in JS library without build tools in a web app. Anyone have any experience? Anything I should watch out for? seems like an interesting service. Wonder why they went for YES/NO binary filter vs context filtering like GMail.

"ROI is a tough standard for data science, in part because many algorithms never get deployed into production applications. By some estimates, 85% of big-data projects fail."

After the ML/AI, will the next hype be around quantum computing? Can already see promoted tweets from @microsoft

Dear @google please use some of your Machine Learning technology in @YouTube. Despite saying "Don't recommend the channel" for a dozen NBA/NFL channels, there is always a Basket Ball or American Football video when I open the app

This would be the time for recommendation engine.

Watched TENET trailer in Tamil.

Why does Hollywood translations always feel like it was translated by someone whose second language was Tamil? It's too literal in some places and completely wired in some other.

Time Runs Out is இதுவும் கடந்து போகும் it seems. 🤦‍♂️

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