sup fam I built another

(this one's IPS modded and with everything except the PCB replaced)

what if you opened a pringle can and it was just this inside

been listening to old episodes to pass the time and just got to the part in episode 284 where Griffin starts joking about all of humanity being killed by a flu. 😬

Hey gang, remember: won't close its stores for -19, but they'll still have to close their stores if they all mysteriously burn down overnight

Hardest Video Game Bosses: Golden Sun password entry screen

My SSD died so I'm taking the opportunity to get reacquainted with my old friend video games while I wait for the new one to show up

roses are red
violets are blue
omae wa
mou shindeiru

saw a display for a new Skylanders game at Toys R Us today

already showed it off a little bit here, but I finished my GBA SP (AGS-101 model) refurb last night! New shell, hinge, screw covers, hinge covers, and a glass lens to replace the plastic one. Kept the original buttons for that authentic feel.

I had a dream where this was real and now you all have to live with it

So I used the activity log feature on my 3DS to figure out what my most-played games over the system's lifespan were and now I'm having a mental breakdown because I'm realizing I literally spent four and a half months out of the last nine years just playing Pokémon

still fuckin astonished fifteen years later that we all let Arctic Monkeys get away with naming a song "Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick"

Triumph the Constructive Criticism Comic Dog

Day 31: what the “main character” (or even you!) becomes when their escape fails and they join the house.

Why on earth would I want to escape a haunted house full of monster ladies?

I don’t self-portrait often enough. It’s fun!

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