remember when the internet wasn't whatever the fuck this is

My chair; the unabomber of furniture, a haunted house you can sit in, the upholstered embodiment of decay itself; finally collapsed from metal fatigue this morning and had to be replaced with a shiny new gaming chair. RIP in peace you shitass chair. Before I curbed you I cut you open and got my 3DS stylus back.

I'm sick of seeing the Cool Billionaire Inventor character. Billionaires aren't cool; they're universally out-of-touch, self-absorbed, and profoundly unimaginative. Show me Tony Stark inventing something that already existed; except it has app integration, it's too expensive to benefit normal people, and five immigrant workers died in its construction.

Ah yes, my favourite Halloween monster, Dummy Thicc Leprechaun

Went to the Pride parade yesterday and I don't think anything exemplifies the commoditization of my identity more than some guy giving me a rainbow gift card from an oil company

Finally got around to watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Super bold of Netflix to film this entire show through the Mr Krabs meme filter

things I think about a lot: the time Scott McCloud envisioned comic shops as having giant mechanical comic books in the windows that you controlled via buttons on the outside of the shop.




Game Freak: making new animations for every Pokémon would have been too difficult

also Game Freak: here are 1800 unused walk and run cycles from Sun and Moon

today at work I found a bag of cocaine in one of the aisles and we had to call the cops

Yo I thought I would mention this here since a few people only follow me on Mastodon: I will be doing a charity walk on May 5th for Kids Help Phone, a nonprofit Canadian crisis hotline for kids. I'm already at more than 2/3 of my $1000 goal, but I love this organization and want to do everything I can for the cause. Please help if you can!

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