Episode 11 is out ! Check out our review of Enterprise season 4 episode 11 Observer Effect. Enjoy ! teaearlgreyhot.org/observer-ef

The wait is over ! Episode 4 of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot ! is out, featuring dasgeek from Destination Linux. @thelovebug and Yannick review Borderland, episode 4 of season 4 of .

Here's episode 3 ! It should be in your preferred podcast app by now. Retweets are very welcome 🙂

Tomorrow night, @thelovebug
and Yannick the french guy from Swizerland are back in studio(s) to record epsiode 3, a review of Home, Star Trek Enterprise's 3rd episode of season 4. Expect this show to reach your favorite app soon after. Not subscribed yet ? We've got you covered ! teaearlgreyhot.org/subscribe-t

There it is ! Episode 2 is live, and should be in your podcast app by now ! Thanks again to @TuxDigital 's Michael Tunnell for joining us as our first guest. We look forward to having you back ! teaearlgreyhot.org/storm-front


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