hey, this is a really cool 'gender gradients' scale from twitter. in my own here, i tagged myself more in the other gender, and barely on the edge of being male. ok your turn to tag your gender. 🌐

industrial capitalism is a globally destructive force. what we need is a universal revolt against imperialism, against destruction of functioning ecosystems -- a working class response against the treadmill of accumulation. workers fight for social ownership of the means of production. the crucial struggle today is the need to build ecological revolution -- just as the WTO protesters in Seattle in 1999, in 2019 environmentalists must invoke the phrase 'system change, not climate change!'

Today is the anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee. American military forces slaughtered at least 300 #Lakota - including woman, children, & elderly.

It is the largest domestic massacre in the history of the United States.



Sean Petty describes the approach that socialists have developed over generations for being a socialist at work and in the unions...

This article is part of the International Socialist Organization’s (ISO) Socialist at Work Toolkit assembled by the ISO’s Labor Working Group.


currently watching and text chatting in @somerandomg33k 's livestream. come get class conscious with us as he takes the test about political positions. Link: youtube.com/watch?v=QwtbXjfCCT

@AtlasFreeman free markets are hard when you work 40+ hours at a job and still can have enough money to support yourself. free markets are hard for a child who is malnourished or deprived of medical care because their parents are being exploited at their jobs and can't afford to give them the best care. caring for a children in the domestic sphere is unpaid labor, invisible to the market, children are taken for granted--that a new generation of workers will keep the economy going.

i have started a discord for socialist links and memes. dm me for invite.


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