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Always fallow the money!
Let this sink in for a minute ☝️


Qtime Network

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You can't go to a hospital until they are stopped being paid to murder you.

stay home take your chances.

When will they stop being paid?

Ask'm next time you see one.

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The Canberra fires affecting our sunlight 2,300 km away. For our US friends, this is roughly like a fire in Dallas affecting the sunlight in New York.

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陈秋实与武汉口罩哥访谈 了解真实的武汉市民生活

@jackyan Jack when you can spare 11 minutes, kindly watch this. Thanks. I am praying for China. This chap has vindicated everything I had been saying, about this whole Wuhan virus incident. Incompetence and corruption.

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You’re supposed to lose appetite when having flu, sore throat right? It’s strange but my appetite has been greater instead. The food tastes delicious and I just want to eat.

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1. Buy medication I never have bought or even searched for before at local pharmacy w/ credit card
2. Go to car, decide to test #Librem5 cellular by visiting my account on
3. Immediately see ad for type of medication I bought!

No location tracking possible on this Librem 5 (used browser, not native twitter app), so either a crazy coincidence, or near-real-time reporting between CVS and #adtech w/ linking between my name, card, and twitter account.

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