It is summer break, so it’s time to start shaping the 2023 driver lineup!

Red Bull is playing extremely safe to guarantee 1 and 2. Baku isn’t nice with the cars (four Ferrari engines out so far), so better to be safe!

Wow! Ericsson is champion! 🎉 From to winning the Indy 500! And a solid race from !!! 💪

Medium vs Hard now. Red Bull is showing how to do it.

Felipe Massa lost the 2008 Championship because of Ferrari. And there he is around Ferrari’s garage. Unfortunately, Ferrari is messing with Charles’ championship today.

Of course qualifying finishes with red flag! This is

is happening in 5 min. Tomorrow is just to go round and round to complete it. Or maybe not. Maybe the rain will change things. Let’s see!

The race was surprisingly good. Barcelona’s track wasn’t good in the past to overtake, but this year with the new cars, there were some nice overtakes. 🇪🇸

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